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AWS Solution Architect AssociatesDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Test descriptionForListPage for Schema Read More

765 Learners
SIAM Professional Training & CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Enroll for SIAM Professional Training & Certification in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc and become an expert... Read More

691 Learners
VeriSM FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

VeriSM is a service management approach from the organizational level, looking at the end to end view Read More

226 Learners
ITIL® 4 Foundation CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL is really thinking about the future and that?s why the big change is coming in early 2019 Read More

802 Learners
SIAM FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The whole training was amazing, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I liked the interaction, the mix of theory and exercise - everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectively. Read More

692 Learners
IT Asset Management FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITAM Foundation course prepares your professional background knowledge in managing IT assets within the context of organization's strategy, compliance & risk management policies Read More

952 Learners
DevOps Foundation By DOIDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The whole training was amazing, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I liked the interaction, the mix of theory and exercise - everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectively. Read More

1525 Learners
Lean Six Sigma Yellow BeltDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Lean Six Sigma is a proven business management strategy that helps organizations operate more efficiently. Read More

452 Learners
Lean Six Sigma Green BeltDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The whole training was amazing, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I liked the interaction, the mix of theory and exercise - everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectively. Read More

681 Learners
ISO/IEC 20000 FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ISO/IEC 20000 module is aimed at project managers (PMs) and aspiring PMs. It is also relevant to professionals involved in design, development & delivery of projects Read More

548 Learners
ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor Training & CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

he whole training was amazing, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I liked the interaction, the mix of theory and exercise - everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectively. Read More

457 Learners
TOGAF9 CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The purpose of certification for TOGAF 9 Level 2, known as TOGAF 9 Certified, Read More

345 Learners
ITIL® Service Operation (SO) Training & CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The ITIL Intermediate Service operation training and certification course is specially designed for the professionals who Read More

1179 Learners
Cobit5 FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The whole training was amazing, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I liked the interaction, the mix of theory and exercise - everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectively. Read More

56 Learners
AWS Certified Developer AssociateDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

AWS Developer Associate Classroom Training - Become a Certified AWS Developer Associate Read More

545 Learners
ITIL® Service Transition Certification TrainingDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL Service Transition (ST) course is for candidates looking to focus on the use of process & practice elements used and management capabilities needed to deliver quality ITSM practices Read More

1173 Learners
ISO/IEC 27001 FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ISO/IEC 27001 Foundation course teaches the basic elements to implement, manage and provide insights of best practices in Information Security Management System Read More

521 Learners
Exin Cloud Computing FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification provides you, clearly and concisely, the basics of Cloud Read More

616 Learners
Lean Six Sigma Black BeltDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Lean is collection of techniques for reducing the time needed to provide products and Six Sigma is collection Read More

597 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate MalcDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) qualification Read More

1452 Learners
ITIL® Expert CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL Expert or ITIL MALC is one of the highest qualifications in the ITIL scheme, we provide training and certification services of ITIl Expert in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and all over the India Read More

962 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate Continuous Service ImprovementDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The whole training was amazing, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I liked the interaction, the mix of theory and exercise - everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectively. Read More

1257 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate RCVDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL Release Control Validation (RCV) module will immerse you in practical aspects of service lifecycle and processes associated with RCV of services & service delivery Read More

134 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate OSADelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) certification will provide a complete management level overview of all operational support analysis & all of its related activities Read More

1452 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate PPODelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The Planning, Protection and Optimization module is one of the ITIL Service Capability modules, and will be of interest to candidates Read More

436 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate SOADelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) module teaches candidates to gain a deep level of understanding of ITIL processes and roles, how they are implemented & how they interact Read More

842 Learners
Certified Scrum DeveloperDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) training offers actual design & code samples. Our hands-on sessions and exercises will help you grasp the knowledge in a clear & practical way Read More

334 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate Service DesignDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

For services to give genuine incentive to the business, they should be designed with the business destinations Read More

1162 Learners
Certified DevOps ArchitectDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Architect training and certification will help you to plan, design and build efficient automation tools using devops principles and concepts Read More

400 Learners
ITIL® Intermediate Service StrategyDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL SS is detail overview of the purpose, principles and processes of service strategies and will give you capability to organize and implement. Read More

1146 Learners
Exin Agile Scrum MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The Exin Agile Scrum master Certification is one of the unique certification which combines agile. Read More

244 Learners
MSP® FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

MSP Foundation Certification is suitable for individuals who want to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of Read More

579 Learners
PRINCE2 Agile® PractitionerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner course teaches to consolidate adaptability & responsiveness of Agile. Also covers a wide range of existing Agile ideas including SCRUM, Kanban & lean start-up Read More

2153 Learners
PRINCE2® PractitionerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner Certification is to confirm whether the candidate has achieved sufficient knowledge of its implementation & tailor PRINCE2 in a scenario situation Read More

455 Learners
ITIL® PractitionerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The ITIL Practitioner course offers Practical direction for experts on how to receive and adjust ITIL for their association. Read More

872 Learners
MSP® PractitionerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The MSP Practitioner Certification is suitable for individuals who want to demonstrate they have achieved sufficient knowledge and Read More

455 Learners
PRINCE2® FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PRINCE2 Foundation certification training by NovelVista in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai. 3 Days instructor led training based on PRINCE2 2017 updated courseware approved by Axelos Read More

2454 Learners
Certified Scrum Product OwnerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The Product Owner is the key member of the Scrum Team and shoulders Read More

380 Learners
PMP TrainingDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The Project Management Institute is known as the PMI organization. Their professional certification is called PMP which stands for Read More

256 Learners
ITIL® 4 Specialist Create Deliver & SupportDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL4 Specialist Create, Deliver & Support from Managing Professional stream covers create, deliver and support services. Read More

20 Learners
Certified DevOps DeveloperDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Developer Course designed by GSD Council will help professionals to learn practices and principles and Read More

200 Learners
DevOps Master CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Master Certification from Exin is a next level certification that teaches learners a combination of principles, Read More

300 Learners
PRINCE2® Foundation & PractitionerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and Read More

489 Learners
ITIL® 4 Strategist Direct, Plan & ImproveDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL4 Strategist Direct, Plan & Improve Training & Certification Course will give candidates total understanding of Key Concepts of DPI. Read More

15 Learners
ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Bridge CourseDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL 4 Managing Professional transition module training & certification is a bridge course which includes 4 modules to those who want to jump from ITILv3 to ITILv4 Read More

0 Learners
DevOps Practitioner CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Practitioner Certification governed by (GSDC) is Read More

957 Learners
ITIL® 4 Specialist High Velocity ITDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This ITIL4 Specialist High Velocity IT training and certification course offers the understanding of digital products & services including related customer experiences Read More

25 Learners
ITIL® 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder ValueDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Purpose of ITIL4 Drive Stakeholder Value course is to optimize value of journey for all stakeholders and to convert opportunity, demand into value & to drive stakeholder value Read More

12 Learners
Microsoft Azure Administrator AssociateDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Microsoft azure administrator associate training & certification course will give learners the ability to build and maintain applications on azure platform Read More

178 Learners
SRE FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Site reliability engineer certification course will help learners to understand and scale critical services. Read More

0 Learners
DevOps Test EngineeringDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Test Engineer course for those who want to learn continuously testing. Read More

800 Learners
DevSecOps EngineeringDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Learn the basic concept, terminologies, purpose, and benefits of develops engineering in an organization. Register now for Devsecops engineering course in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore with feasible pricing Read More

0 Learners
DevOps Leader Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Leader is a course for those who wants to learn how to make cultural changes in the software development processes. Read More

0 Learners
Certified Scrum MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

A scrum master is a coordinator for a product development team that uses scrum which is a repetitive Read More

569 Learners
Certified Ethical HackingDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This Ethical Hacking Course will train you on the advanced step-by-step methodologies to prevent and counterattack to hackers Read More

254 Learners
DevOps CDADelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps CDA is course for sharing best practices of DevOps deployment, pipelines, and toolchains. Read More

0 Learners
Certified ISO 31000:2018 Risk ManagerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified ISO 31000 Risk Manager/Management training helps you in identifying potential risks that could jeopardize the achievement... Read More

91 Learners
Professional Scrum Master PSM - 1Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PSM level 1 training and certification helpful to anyone who wishes to validate the depth of knowledge of the Scrum framework Read More

400 Learners
Certified Agile Service ManagerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Agile Service Manager certification is basically an introduction to agile service management. Read More

0 Learners
Certified Lean ImplementerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This training is specially curated for Continuous Improvement professionals who wish to learn how to improve processes... Read More

113 Learners
Certified GDPR Lead ImplementerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This training is aimed towards providing in-depth knowledge and practice to establish and maintain a Personal Information Management System... Read More

94 Learners
Certified Machine Learning MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Machine Learning Master certification will give you in-depth learning of machine learning at higher level Read More

0 Learners
ISO 20000:2018 Lead AuditorDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This course aims towards making you familiar with the guidelines by which you can assess and improve the quality of service management processes of an ICT organization. Read More

145 Learners
Certified DevOps EngineerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Engineer is course to learn and understand DevOps tools in depth Read More

1200 Learners
AWS Sysops CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Amazon Web Services (AWS) SysOps Associate training is intended to give you hands-on presentation to the very adaptable AWS cloud services - giving you expertise & working on deficiency Read More

0 Learners
Certified Big Data FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Big Data Training and Certification course is targeted towards sharing a vast knowledge of Big Data and its fundamentals. Read More

138 Learners
ISO 22301:2019 Lead AuditorDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management Lead Auditor training and certification program aims towards delivering knowledge about the key concepts of business continuity Read More

100 Learners
DevOps + ASM + CASPO Combo CourseDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps is a culture, and Agile is a mindset. If you can make both of them work hand in hand in a corporate environment, you will achieve an extreme amount of business success. Read More

0 Learners
DevOps Practitioner + Agile Scrum MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Practitioner, Agile Scrum Master & product owner combo certification and training gives an understanding of DevOps, Agile & Scrum framework and its implementation techniques. Read More

600 Learners
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt + Black Belt ComboDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

NovelVista provides training and certification for all levels of Six Sigma in Pune Mumbai and Bangalore Read More

542 Learners
Certified DevOps MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Master training is focused on delivering an in-depth knowledge of the DevOps framework from a practical implementation perspective Read More

358 Learners
ISO Lead Auditor Combo CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This course includes a total of three different ISO certification which is ISO 27001, ISO 22301:2019 and ISO 20000:2018 Read More

0 Learners
Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ 301)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 course will give you understanding about designing apps on azure platform Read More

120 Learners
Kanban System Design (KMP-1) CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This training provides in-depth training in Kanban practices and the principles that underpin the Kanban methodology, including a complete Kanban simulation.... Read More

158 Learners
Microsoft Certified: Azure (AZ-300) Solutions Architect TechnologiesDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Microsoft Azure AZ 300 Certification and training course which will tell you the best way to deploy and configure Azure infrastructure and many more azure architect technologies. Read More

94 Learners
PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation & PractitionerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and Read More

3000 Learners
AWS CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Our wide range of AWS Training & Certification Courses In Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore increases learners practical understanding of aws implementation, aws tools and techniques and best practices. Read More

278 Learners
PRINCE2 Agile® FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Prince2 Agile Foundation training is aimed towards sharing in-depth knowledge about the ways of taking advantage of the compatibility... Read More

0 Learners
Kanban Management Professional (KMP-2) AdvancedDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

KMP2 Training is projected towards delivering the pragmatic concept of ?Start where you are? and... Read More

107 Learners
CompTIA Security+Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CompTIA Seurity+ training and certification is aimed towards delivering the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provides... Read More

157 Learners
CompTIA CySA+ CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CompTIA CySA Training and Certification course is targeted towards those who are aspiring to pursue a career as Cyber Security Analysts. Read More

125 Learners
Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 training is aimed towards preparing you to implement, manage, and monitor identity, governance, storage... Read More

178 Learners
Professional Scrum Master PSM - 2Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This training is subjected to sharing sheer knowledge about the Scrum Framework applications to solve advanced and complicated... Read More

124 Learners
ITIL® 4 Strategic Leader Digital And IT Strategy (DITS)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL Strategic leader Training is aimed towards sharing an in-depth details of how disruption from new technologies are impacting organizations.... Read More

18 Learners
Leading SAFe® 5.0 (SAFe Agilist)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Leading SAFe trainings core principle is derived from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, and DevOps. Read More

169 Learners
EC-council Certified Security AnalystDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This training aims towards providing hands-on experience with all the tools and lab exercises that sums up all the real-life scenario of the hacking world. Read More

0 Learners
SAFe DevOpsDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

SAFe DevOps Training is aimed towards helping you to optimize your value stream from end to end. In the SAFe DevOps course, you will learn what DevOps Read More

143 Learners
SAFe Scrum MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

SAFe Scrum Master training delivers an in-depth understanding of the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe enterprise Read More

154 Learners
DevOps Fundamentals By PeopleCertDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals training is aimed towards anyone who wishes to become an efficient member of a DevOps environment. Read More

132 Learners
Certified Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This training course is aimed towards setting up the mindset of as Agile coach while making the person aware of his/her roles and responsibilities. Read More

139 Learners
Digital Transformation OfficerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Digital Transformation Officer certification offered by GSDC is a career path of the todays managers to become and excelled at digital transformation techniques Read More

0 Learners
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Certification & Training program delivers security that CKAs have the ability to do an installation, configuring & managing production-grade Kubernetes clusters also capability to perform the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators. Read More

189 Learners
Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CCSK is actually the abbreviation of Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge and shares an in-depth knowledge of core essentials of cloud computing... Read More

201 Learners
Certified L&D ProfessionalDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified Learning and Development Manager training will give you competencies that are highly useful in recruitment and selection, performance management. Read More

156 Learners
CI/CD with JenkinsDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins training and certification course shares an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of Jenkins and the process of CI&CD frameworks. Read More

205 Learners
Docker Certified AssociateDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Docker Certified Associate instructor-led training that shares in-depth knowledge on Docker technologies like Docker Hub, Docker Compose... Read More

186 Learners
Certified Information Security OfficerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Information Security Officer certification and training course gives learners an understanding of information security and how to imply it in your organization Read More

600 Learners
Certified Procurement ProfessionalDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified Procurement Professional Course mainly aimed towards those who are looking forward to work in the Supply Chain Industry especially for. Read More

128 Learners
A+ (Plus) CompTIA CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CompTIA A+ training and certification course focus on validating entry-level skills in the current world?s important domains such as computer repairs, software, and operating systems, network administration, information security, cloud computing, and troubleshooting of both desktop and mobile devices. Read More

0 Learners
Certified Agile Scrum Product OwnerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Agile Scrum Product Owner training aims to share an in-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies, a fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework... Read More

557 Learners
SAFe For TeamsDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

SAFe for Teams training and certification course is aimed towards delivering an in-depth understanding of the ART Read More

137 Learners
SAFe Product Owner/product ManagerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

SAFe Product Owner training and certification course focus on providing you the skillsets to guide the delivery of value... Read More

141 Learners
BSA Verafirm SAM CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

BSA?s Software Asset Management training and certification course provide an in-depth understanding that helps you in designing a scalable... Read More

165 Learners
CISA® Certified Information Systems AuditorDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CISA training and certification course aim towards delivering knowledge regarding governing and controlling IT enterprises to perform effective security audits.... Read More

367 Learners
CRISC® Certified in Risk and Information Systems ControlDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CRISC (Risk and Information Systems Control) Certification and Training course prepares learners for challenges and Risk IT and Information and how to deal with with best practices. Read More

389 Learners
DevOps Leadership By PeopleCertDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PeopleCert DevOps Leadership training is aimed towards people who are managing a DevOps team or aspiring to lead a cultural shift towards DevOps practices. Read More

149 Learners
CGEIT® Certified in the Governance of Enterprise ITDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CGEIT (Governance of Enterprise IT) Certification and Training course prepares learners for managing IT enterprise governance and apply it to in their organization with following best practices. Read More

389 Learners
CISM® Certified Information Security ManagerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The CISM certification is curated for IT professionals who are looking forward to pursuing a career in Information Security Management. Read More

368 Learners
ITIL v3 FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

ITIL v3 Foundation Training Course shares a deep understanding of the ITIL service lifecycle process and its best practices. This ITIL v3 certification - Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore Etc is curated by industry experts and acknowledges professionals as skilled ITIL employees. Read More

802 Learners
Certified Data Protection OfficerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified Data Protection Officer Training is specially designed to enable you to obtain the aptitudes and increase information and ability.... Read More

137 Learners
Apache HadoopDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Apache Hadoop training and certification helps candidate to achieve a competitive edge over their peers by knowing latest technological advances in Hadoop & NoSQL databases Read More

145 Learners
Certified Full Stack Data ScientistDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Full-Stack Data Scientist course is aimed towards helping you to learn the full cycle of identifying the business problem Read More

100 Learners
Microsoft Azure DevOps EngineerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

This learning way is intended to support you and your group plan for the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer exam. Read More

600 Learners
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Read More

100 Learners
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CISSP certification aligned with (ISC)˛ CBK 2018 and this training course aims towards delivering proper cybersecurity knowledge to professionals... Read More

623 Learners