Certified Agile Coaching (Icp-Acc) Certification & Training

Course Overview:

ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching training is aimed towards setting up the mindset of as Agile coach while making the person aware of his/her roles and responsibilities. An Agile mentor fills in as an impetus to the Agile team, encouraging agile thinking and practices and enabling the team to arrive at their objectives through improved group rehearses. By giving focussed direction, the Agile coach improves consciousness of the business objectives and destinations and goes about as an instructor, a facilitator, coach, group manufacturer, and organizer at the same time. The Agile coach can encourage a culture of dexterous lean reasoning and usher in positive change by changing the authoritative culture and rethinking the work worldview to mirror a coordinated mentality. Our ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching training empowers candidates in both “doing” and “being” part of Agile coaching. With a determined focus on simulating real-world practical scenarios, the ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching course equips you with the right skills and tools to build powerful ways to address challenges in a better manner.


Key Features:

  • Online and classroom training sessions on weekends
  • Concise ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching course material
  • Free practice tests
  • Post training reading suggestions along witha accredited study materials


Course Curriculum:

ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching course’s curriculum serves the following agenda:

  • Need for an Agile Coach
  • Agile Manifesto Refresher
  • Desired personal traits of a successful coach
  • The Agile Mindset
  • Core competence in Coaching
  • Coach as a teacher, mentor, and facilitator
  • The Coaching Arc
  • The Social Domains of Humans
  • The Coaching contract & Alliance
  • Internal vs External coaches
  • Conflict and Resolution
  • Organizational barriers to adopting Agile
  • Team development theory (Tuckman model)
  • The Change cycle (Kubler-Ross, Kotter)
  • Mentoring Agile Role changes
  • Different Coaching formats


  • Coaching Fundamentals
    • Teaching vs. Mentoring vs. Coaching
    • The Agile Coaching Mindset
    • Setting Boundaries for Coaching
  •  Coaching skillset
    • Professional Coaching Skills
    • The Coaching Stance
    • Responsibilities and Skills of the Coach
  •  The Coaching process
    • Coaching for Potential
    • Coaching for Action
    • Effective Coaching Conversation
  •  Mentoring and Coaching Agile roles
    • Teaching the Agile Basics
    • Understanding Agile roles and the Mindset Shift
    • Mentoring Agile Roles & Transitions
  •  Coaching the Journey toward High Performance
    • Understanding Team Development
    • Setting up the Team Environment
    • Handling Conflict and Dysfunction within the Team
    • Handling Organizational Impediments



You are eligible to take up ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching Training if you belong to any of these following fields:

  • Experienced or aspiring?Agile coaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Professionals in an Agile leadership role
  • Scaling Agile professionals/Enterprise Agile coaches



There are no prerequisites as such for attending ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching training, but a basic understanding of Agile and some experience on an agile team is recommended.

How much does it cost?

To grab our offer price, you can drop your query via. Email or you can call us for current discounted rates. 

Training Delivery Style:

This ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching training focuses on experimental learning. The material of this course is divided into 60-90 minutes of interactive sessions.

Not only this, if you are participating, expect yourself to get indulged with interesting group activities. By this, you will get a chance to put the theory into action.

This training will be nothing like any ordinary training you imagine. We follow a vast range of creative methodology which will allow you to wrack your grey matter and boost your energy up to participate. 

The key features of our training program would be:

    • Training sessions in a storytelling format
    • Exhibition of concepts with the help of professional examples
    • Self-analysis and group discussions
    • Case studies as the application of the concepts which were taught
    • Vibrant presentations along with individual and team activities
    • Post-training reading suggestions

Key Benefits:

After the completion of the Certified Security Analyst training program, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the following subjects:

  • The role of the Agile Coach in a business 
  • The desired internal wiring of a successful Agile Coach 
  • To develop the Agile mindset 
  • The responsibilities of a coach 
  • The Agile Coach toolkit 
  • The Coaching Arc 
  • Contrasting coaching with mentoring, teaching and facilitating 
  • To understand team dynamics and coach the team to become self-aware and motivated 
  • Defining the coaching contract and maintaining neutrality 
  • The Coaching Alliance 
  • Mentoring Agile roles and transitions 
  • Team building and collaboration 
  • Handling conflict and dysfunctions within the team 
  • Breaking down impediments for team success 
  • Handling resistance from individuals 
  • Understanding pillars of organizational agility and how to identify systemic challenges 
  • The blueprint of change
  • Identifying and addressing issues 
  • Coaching a high-performance team 
  • Different Coaching formats 

Examination Format:


Training Faculty

ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching training will be delivered by certified coaches. Our trainers for this course are exceptionally experienced experts with 16+ long periods of industry encounter and have prepared more than 7000 IT professionals. 


Name Batch Dates Batch Time Action

About Novelvista

We pick the best trainers to guide you through ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching course. All of our Certified Scrum Master trainers are accredited by AXELOS, ITIL v3 experts, Prince2 certified, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt holder, and have experience as Agile Coaches for over 12 years. They will carefully walk you through the role of the Agile Coach in business, the desired internal wiring of a successful Agile Coach, the Agile mindset, the responsibilities of a coach, the Agile Coach toolkit, the Coaching Arc, contrasting coaching with mentoring, teaching and facilitating, to understand team dynamics and coach the team to become self-aware and motivated, defining the coaching contract and maintaining neutrality, the Coaching Alliance, mentoring Agile roles and transitions, team building and collaboration, handling conflict and dysfunctions within the team, breaking down impediments for team success, handling resistance from individuals, understanding pillars of organizational agility and how to identify systemic challenges. With their industry experience, they have improvised our training delivery style with lots of experiments and taking feedbacks from our previous participants. Once you walk in our ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching classrooms, you can expect yourself to get indulged in a string of creative activities like training sessions in a storytelling format, the exhibition of concepts with the help of professional examples, self-analysis and group discussions, case studies as the application of the concepts which were taught, vibrant presentations along with individual and team activities. More than 5000 participants have joined our Certified Agile Coaching Training Program over the years and now are working as professional Agile Coaches with big organizations. Along with classroom training, we arrange virtual training sessions for Certified Scrum Master courses too at your convenience. 

ICP-APP Agile CoachTraining In Pune:

ICP-APP Training in Pune is basically facilitation for Agile coaches for their understanding in Agile philosophy and Coaching.  It prepares your mindset as an Agile Coach is a facilitator who facilitates the change inside the Organization. They focus on all levels of the organization and focus on enabling them to solve problems on their own. Building an organizing team takes perseverance and cultural change. Agile Coaches are professional coaches who help the teams to cross their own limits and challenge themselves to excellence. Agile Coaches are enterprise-level coaches who works with all levels of the Organization right from executives to the development teams. 

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Of Course! How else will you go through the topics you heard about then? We provide hard and soft copies of the entire study material to you right after the training session!

ICAgile Agile Coach certification is valid for a lifetime. You don’t have to renew it again and again.

The amount we take is for the training and certification both. You won’t have to pay twice for one course at NovelVista.

We provide practice tests for the ICAgile Agile Coach course as well as exciting Agile Coach quiz sessions and interactive group discussions.

I have completed another course from NovelVista sometime back. Will I get a discount for that?

If you are stuck or in another city or not being able to make it to our classroom for any reason, you can attend our virtual training sessions from home and appear for ICAgile Agile Coach Certification Exam afterward. 

There are a lot of open positions for Agile Coaches in various sectors just in India. So it goes without saying, once you are done with your ICAgile Agile Coach certification, you will come out with flying colors.

We have ICAgile Agile Coach Sessions every weekend.


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