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VeriSM™ is a service management approach from the organizational level, looking at the end to end view rather than focusing on a single department. Based around the VeriSM™ model, it shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers. VeriSM™ allows for a tailored approach depending upon the type of business you are in, the size of your organization, your business priorities, your organizational culture and even the nature of the individual project or service you are working on. Rather than focusing on one prescriptive way of working, VeriSM™ helps organizations to respond to their consumers and deliver value with integrated service management practices. Read More About VeriSM Service Management Digital age in 3 Minutes


When is Next Batch


VeriSM™ Approach

VeriSM™ methodology in detail. Service Management as everyones responsibility will be stressed, as will VeriSM™ principles such as Security, Quality, Cost, and Risk. The role of VeriSM™ in supporting organisations and adopting a VeriSM™ mindset will be covered. As well as this, the way in which VeriSM™ integrates best practices to provide their model is analysed.


What I Will Learn

VeriSM™ is a holistic, business-oriented approach to Service Management, which helps you make sense of the growing landscape of best practices out there, and how you can best integrate them to add value to your business. It is therefore different in that it provides the glue which helps you bring all of the different practices together and make best use of them. There is no other approach which fulfils this need. VeriSM™ is also different in that it does away with the one size fits all approach once and for all and instead facilitates a tailored approach, so that an organization can select different practices to establish an optimal Target Operating Model, depending upon the individual business situation. VeriSM™ is also more business-oriented and less prescriptive than many of the other approaches out there, which makes it more accessible and easier to understand.


Is It Right For Me

There are many certified ITSM professionals these days, but few of them have an integrated approach in the area of service integration. For practitioners, VeriSM™ provides them with the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. For organizations VeriSM™ reduces costs. But perhaps more importantly, it makes the services better and as such improves user satisfaction and loyalty.


How Much It Cost

Standard cost for VeriSM Foundation Training & Certification course is Rs 32,000 per participant.

We keep on giving exciting discounts to our participants. Check the current discounted price by calling us. You can also drop an enquiry and one of our executive will get back to you as soon as possible.


Job Prospects

A lot depends on your professional background, experience, the speed at which you understand VeriSM™ and the interest you have in IT processes.

If you are entry-level or have a couple of years of IT experience, you can expect to be hired as a process coordinator. A process coordinator ensures that the administrative activities in a process are carried out as designed. Incident coordinator, change coordinator and configuration analyst are some of the coordinator roles available in VeriSM™-based IT service management.

At a mid-management level, with a minimum of five years of experience, you may be asked to manage processes end to end. You will have coordinators reporting to you, and you would be accountable for ensuring that activities in service management are compliant to the processes. Problem manager, release manager and service desk manager are some of the managerial roles.


VeriSM™ Methodology

Absolutely! VeriSM™ covers the key principles contained within ITIL, ISO 20000 and other ITSM frameworks and standards – as well as much more! The VeriSM™ approach contains a lot of examples related to IT, since this is the area in which Service Management has been most widely applied to date. There is a wide need for relevant training and certification in the Service Management area, based upon market feedback. The not-for-profit IFDC (International Foundation for Digital Competences) was established to combine strengths in partnership, and to create one accepted standard in the market as opposed to fragmentation. An Architect team, led by a Chief Architect and Lead Authors, and supported by a worldwide team of over 70 leading Service Management, DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Lean and Business Management co-authors, contributors and reviewers, from both the private and public world, was set up to create the VeriSM™ Approach.


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* Your personal details are for internal use only and will remain confidential.

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