Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ 301) Training & Certification

Course Overview:

Microsoft Azure Architect Design course is basically focused on shaping you as an expert in the Microsoft Azure Architect Design field.  A Microsoft Azure Architect Design Expert must have expertise in determining the workload requirement. He also designs for identity and security, Data platform solution, business continuity strategy, deployment, migration, and integration.  A Microsoft Azure Design Architect works with concepts, Azure Services, and various scenarios to provide the necessary outputs. Microsoft Azure Architect Design training and certification course deliver a vast knowledge of  Microsoft Azure architecture so that by the end of this course, you will be able to successfully design data platform solutions and strategies for business continuity and infrastructure. In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure Architect Design training doesn’t only prepare you to pass the Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification Exam, but also to become a great Azure solution architect.


Key Features:

  • Classroom and online training for Azure 301
  • Free practice tests involved in Azure 301 course
  • Amazing visuals containing real-life case studies
  • Trainers with more than 18 years of industry experience


Course Curriculum:

Azure 301 course’s curriculums are aimed towards delivering a deep understanding of:

  • Deploy and configure infrastructure
  • Implement workloads and security
  • Create and deploy apps
  • Implement authentication and secure data
  • Develop for the cloud and for Azure storage
  • Determine workload requirements
  • Design for identity and security
  • Design a data platform solution
  • Design a business continuity strategy
  • Design for deployment, migration, and integration
  • Design an infrastructure strategy


1: Course Introduction

2: Information Gathering

  • Gather information and requirements
  • Demo Azure Cost Calculator
  • Optimize Consumption Strategy
  • Optimize Compute Costs
  • Optimize Compute Costs Reserve your VMs
  • Optimize Identity Costs
  • Optimize network costs
  • Optimize Storage Costs
  • Monitoring strategy Agenda
  • Monitoring strategy
  • Azure Compliance
  • Azure Monitor Overview
  • Azure Monitor Application Insights
  • Azure Monitor Scenarios
  • Organizing Resource
  • Compliance Azure Policy

3: Identity security

  • What is Identity and access Managment
  • Access control
  • What is Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD BtoB
  • Azure AD BtoC
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Enterprise application Access control
  • Self Service

4: Authentication and authorization

  • Auth and Auth Intro
  • Authentication Authorization and Protocols
  • Azure AD AUthentication Optons
  • Identity Delegation
  • API Management and API Keys
  • Single SIgn On
  • Configuring SSO LAB
  • Managed Identities
  • Azure key vault
  • MultiFactor Authentication
  • Oauth and Open ID Lab

5: Design for risk prevention for identity

  • Risk prevention for identity Agenda
  • Identity Security and risk Management
  • Azure AD identity protecton
  • Conditional access
  • Azure AD PIM
  • Azure AD password protection
  • Azure AD Licensing

6: Monitoring for Identity and Security

  • Introduction
  • Monitoring azure AD
  • Monitoring in PIM and Azure ad identity protection
  • Azure AD connect Health

7: Design a data management strategy

  • Introduction
  • Building Azure SQL Database
  • Concepts of Buidling Azure SQL Database
  • Cosmos DB
  • SQL Dataware House
  • Azure data lake storage

8: Data Flow

  • Data Flow Introducton
  • Azure data flow fundamentals
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Databricks

9: Design a Data protection Strategy

  • Introduction
  • Data protection fundamentals
  • Azure SQL Data Protection
  • Azure SQL Network Security
  • Data protecton for Azure DW
  • Data protection for Cosmos DB

10: Design for Data Monitoring Platform

  • Introduction to Data platform Monitoring
  • Monitoring Data Management Platforms


11: Azure site Recovery

  • Introduction to Site Recovery
  • Principles of Disaster Recovery
  • Azure backups
  • Azure Site recovery

12: Design for High Availability

  • Introduction
  • Concepts of High Availability
  • HA for Connectivity
  • High Availability for Azure Storage
  • High Availabiltiy for Azure Data centers

13: Design Data Archives

  • Introduction
  • Archival Fundamentals
  • Archiving with Azure Blob storage

14: Deployment

  • Deployment Migration and Integration Introduction
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • Azure automation

15: Migration

  • Introduction
  • Migration Fundamentals
  • Azure import export service

16: Integration

  • Introduction to integration
  • Integration Fundamentals
  • Integration through API Management
  • Messaging
  • Integration with Events Platform
  • Azure Active Directory

17: Storage

  • Storage Fundamentals
  • Azure File Shares
  • Store Simple


People who belong in the following category are eligible for Azure 301 course:

  • People who want to become Azure cloud architects
  • People preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-301 exam

Target Audience:

  • People who want to become Azure cloud architects
  • People preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-301 exam

Pre Requisites:

There are no prerequisites for Azure 301 training and certification course as such. Although, basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure is required


Certification Exam:

  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Type of questions- MCQs
  • Passing marks- 70%
  • Exam time- 150 mins


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About Novelvista

 We don’t follow the traditional way of training at all. We curate our training sessions with a huge number of creative methodologies that our group of trainers brainstorms before implementation. Microsoft Azure Architect Designer’s work is mainly with Microsoft Azure’s architecture and workload requirement, hence real-life case study and hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure are really important in this field. Along with that, our industry expert trainers indulge you in group discussions and team activities. You get to hear about professional scenarios that can be taken care of with Microsoft Azure Architect Desing Certification knowledge. 7000 professionals who have undergone our Azure 301 training, are established Microsoft Certified Azure Design Architect today. You can apply for our Azure 301 course in Mumbai and Bangalore too where you can attend the entire class virtually. 


Microsoft Azure Training in Pune:

Our Microsoft Azure Training in Pune delivers exclusive knowledge about the world’s most trusted cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification cost too, is pretty reasonable that you can easily get a good amount of return on investment out of it. Our Azure 301 expert trainers have curated the Azure 301course content in such a way that you find it brief and to the point. We deliver study materials after each session and post-training reading suggestions about Microsoft Azure. We give you practice tests as well that help you to analyze yourself about how you are progressing with your Azure 301 training. After your Azure 301 training session ends, you have to apply for Microsoft Azure Architect Design certifications and when you score the passing marks, you’ll be acknowledged as Azure 301 certified.

After the completion of your certification, you’ll gain have a lot of perks like:

  • Career flexibility
  • Better security offerings
  • Better integration with .Net platform
  • Higher salary
  • Improved DevOps skills

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Of Course! How else will you go through the topics you heard about then? We provide hard and soft copies of the entire study material to you right after the training session!

Microsoft Azure Architect Design certification is valid for a lifetime. You don’t have to renew it again and again.

The amount we take is for the training and certification both. You won’t have to pay twice for one course at NovelVista.

We provide practice tests for the Microsoft Azure Architect Design certification course as well as exciting Microsoft Azure quiz sessions and interactive group discussions.

We keep arranging lucrative discounts for our previous participants. Drop a query regarding this and one of our executives will inform you regarding this right away!

If you are stuck or in another city or not being able to make it to our classroom for any reason, you can attend our Azure 301 virtual training sessions from home and appear for Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification Exam afterward. 

There are more than 480K positions for Microsoft Azure Architect Design experts in various sectors worldwide. So it goes without saying, once you are done with your Azure 301 certification, you will come out with flying colors.

We have Certified Machine Azure 301 training sessions every weekend.


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