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Certified L&D Professional Certification Course Overview

The Learning and Development (L&D) certification, often referred to as a Learning and Development Certificate (L&D certificate), is a vital credential for professionals aspiring to become Certified Learning and Development Managers. This certification equips individuals with competencies that are instrumental in various HR functions, such as recruitment, selection, performance management, and succession planning.

One of the primary objectives of L&D managers is to understand the significant relationship between effective training, guidance provided by line managers, supervisors, and trainers, and their direct impact on employee satisfaction, commitment, and motivation levels. These competencies are critical for those pursuing certifications in learning and development.

Enrolling in a Certified Learning and Development Professional course alleviates challenges. This extensive training program empowers participants with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in L&D roles. By earning a Learning and Development Certificate (L&D certificate) through this program, professionals can confidently address and resolve the intricacies surrounding learning and development initiatives, positioning themselves as experts in the field.

Learning Outcome

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • How to plan and create a training plan.
  • L & D guidelines and principles.
  • Doing skill gap analysis.
  • Industry best practices.
  • Tools and Techniques.
  • Real-Time Case Studies.

Program Deliverables

Deliverables of this program include:

  • Study material
  • Mock Exams.
  • 24+ hours of live training.
  • Exam registration assistance
  • Case studies soft copy
  • Official courseware from GSDC

Training Calendar

Lifetime Access
  • 8-10 Hours of self-paced videos, assessments, recall quizzes, more
  • Course fee inclusive of exam fee
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Course Curriculum

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    • Overview
    • Training Objectives
    • Training Areas
    • Pitfalls of Training
    • Advantages of Training
    • Necessity for Training
    • Diverse Training Types
    • Training Risks
    • Distinguishing Training, Education, and Development
    • The Role of Training and Development (L&D) in Human Resource Development (HRD)
    • Teaching Proficiency
    • Mastering Presentation Skills
    • Preparation for Instruction
    • Designing and Delivering Concepts
    • Training Methodologies
    • L&D Delivery Approaches
    • Criteria for Method Selection
    • Efficient Teaching and Learning Approaches
    • Defining Learning
    • Learning Preferences
    • The Three Representational Modes (TRiM)
    • Self, Metacognition, Cognition, Knowledge (SMCK)
    • Supporting Theoretical Frameworks
    • Adult Learning Principles
    • Training Fundamentals
    • Student Profiles
    • Establishing Training Policies
    • Desirable Policy Traits
    • Policy Categories
    • Creating Policies
    • Factors Influencing Policy Development
    • HR Training and Business Management Alignment
    • Tailoring Training Content for Different Employee Categories
    • Steps in Needs Analysis
    • Defining Learning Objectives
    • Understanding Learner Requirements
    • Developing Training and Development Plans
    • Planning and Executing Training Initiatives
    • Designing Training Spaces
    • Managing the Training Process
    • Introduction to L&D Academics
    • Training in Professional Institutions
    • Employee Training Programs
    • Supervisory Training and Development
    • Utilizing Training Resources
    • Leveraging Training Media
    • Exploring Competencies
    • Profiling Competencies
    • HRM Models Centered on Competencies
    • Orientation for New Hires
    • Objectives of Orientation Programs
    • Orientation Program Types
    • Orientation Toolkit
    • On-The-Job Training
    • Introduction to Management Development
    • Prerequisites for Successful Management Development Programs
    • Techniques for Management Development
    • Coaching Employees
    • Mentoring Activities and Training
    • Workplace Mentoring
    • Computer-Aided Instruction
    • Computer-Based Training (CBT)
    • Utilizing CBT
    • Decision-Making Process for CBT Viability
    • Leveraging New Technological Capabilities
    • Web-Based Training
    • Flexible Learning (FLEX)
    • Concept of Evaluation
    • Rationale for Evaluation
    • Principles of Evaluation
    • Designing Evaluations
    • Assessing Training Impact
    • Evaluation Plans
    • Types and Processes of Evaluation
    • Warr's Evaluation Framework
    • Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation
    • Feedback and Assessment
    • Evaluating Staff Performance in Training
    • Calculating ROI (Return on Investment) in Training
    • Cost-Effectiveness Assessment
    • Justifying Investment
    • Evaluating Management Training
    • General Observations on Evaluation
    • Effective Training and Development
    • Assessing Training Effectiveness
    • High-Yield Training Checklist
    • Training for Improved Performance
    • The Role of Training and Development Specialists
    • Skills of an Effective Trainer
    • Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion
    • Attitudes Towards Diversity
    • Diversity Strategies
    • Best Practices for Inclusion

Course Details

  • Certified Learning and Development Professional Course’s curriculum is subjected to delivering the following objectives:

    • You will learn the Competency Iceberg Model for pinpointing skills and traits.
    • You will learn how to develop competency maps and behaviourally anchored rating systems to planned structured and scientific training in your organization.
    • You will have a deep understanding of the utilization of BARS for valid competency assessment.
    • You will be able to conduct competency-based TNA for accurate training scheduling.
    • You will be able to understand how HR Analytics can be used to validate competencies.
    • You will learn how competency gaps are identified using 360-degree Feedback Technique and competency assessment centers and understand the effectiveness of the same.
    • Learn how to use Correlation Studies to evaluate training.
    • Learn how to create an Individual Development Plan and Developmental Calendar.
    • Learn how to create L & D metrics and get management to buy the training.

    You are eligible to take up Certified Learning and Development Professional Training if you belong to any of these following fields:

    • L & D Manager, Functional Consultants
    • Regional Training Managers
    • Senior Trainers, OD Managers, Lead Trainer & Coach
    • L & D Principals, L & D Heads
    • Training specialists, Freelancers, E-learning Specialist
    • Operation Managers, DGM-Training & Development
    • CFO, Corporate trainers, senior executive-training

    After the completion of the Certified Learning and Development Professional training program, you’ll have the following personal benefits:

    • Get hired easily
    • Prove your expertise in the field
    • Learn how to create an Individual Development Plan and Developmental Calendar.
    • Learn the key aspects of good design

    There is no such recommended experience required for getting this certification.

    Certified Learning and Development Professional training focuses on experiential learning. The material of this course is divided into 60-90 minutes of interactive sessions.

    Not only this, if you are participating, expect yourself to get indulged with interesting group activities. By this, you will get a chance to put the theory into action.

    This training will be nothing like any ordinary training you imagine. We follow a vast range of creative methodology which will allow you to wrack your grey matter and boost your energy up to participate.

    The key features of our training program would be:

    • Training sessions in a storytelling format
    • Exhibition of concepts with the help of professional examples
    • Self-analysis and group discussions
    • Case studies as the application of the concepts which were taught
    • Vibrant presentations along with individual and team activities
    • Post-training reading suggestions
    • There will be Multiple Choice Questions exam of 40 marks.You need to acquire 24+ (65%) marks to clear the exam.

    Certified Learning and Development Professional training will be delivered by certified coaches. Our trainers for this course are exceptionally experienced experts with 16+ long periods of industry encounter and have prepared more than 7000 IT professionals.

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Certified L&D Professional Certification Exam Format

CLDP Certificate
  • Exam Format - Objective Type, Multiple Choice
  • Exam Duration - 90 minutes
  • No. of Questions - 40 (multiple-choice questions)
  • Passing Criteria - 65%
  • Certificate - Within 5 business days
  • Result - Immediately after the exam
  • Closed book 

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The Certificate in Certified L&D Professional Training & Certification from NovelVista can significantly enhance your career prospects in the field of Learning and Development (L&D). This certification validates your expertise and knowledge in L&D methodologies, tools, and best practices. It demonstrates to employers that you have the necessary skills to design, deliver, and evaluate effective training programs. With this certification, you can stand out from the competition, increase your credibility, and open doors to new career opportunities in L&D.

Yes, the training provided by NovelVista for the Certified L&D Professional Training & Certification is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge sought after by employers in the L&D industry. By completing this training, you demonstrate your commitment to professional development and your ability to apply L&D principles effectively. This can significantly enhance your chances of securing jobs in roles such as L&D specialist, training coordinator, instructional designer, e-learning developer, or corporate trainer.

Absolutely! The training offered by NovelVista for the Certified L&D Professional Training & Certification is designed to cater to individuals at various experience levels. Whether you are new to L&D or have some prior experience, this training program provides learning materials, practical exercises, and real-world case studies to ensure that learners from all backgrounds can benefit. You can take this training to gain a solid foundation in L&D practices and build your expertise, even without prior experience.

After completing the Certified L&D Professional Training & Certification training, you can expect to pursue various job roles within the L&D field. Some potential job titles include L&D specialist, training coordinator, instructional designer, e-learning developer, learning consultant, corporate trainer, or talent development manager. These roles involve designing, delivering, and evaluating training programs, managing learning initiatives, creating instructional materials, and supporting employee development within organizations.

Yes, the Certificate in Certified L&D Professional Training & Certification from NovelVista is recognized and valued by employers in the L&D industry. NovelVista is a reputable training provider known for its quality and industry relevance. Employers often seek professionals who have completed recognized certifications like this one, as it demonstrates a commitment to professional development and signifies competence in L&D practices. Holding this certificate can increase your chances of getting hired and enhance your career progression opportunities.

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For individuals looking to transition their careers towards guiding professionals to attain excellence within organizations, becoming a Certified Learning and Development Professional is a transformative step. This certification equips them with the expertise needed to achieve their career aspirations. Our Learning and Development Professional Certification training sessions are designed to be dynamic and engaging, utilizing creative methodologies and practical examples that stimulate critical thinking and invigorate participants. The interactive nature of these sessions includes group discussions, team activities, dynamic presentations, and a host of other engaging activities. To ensure your success, our learning and development certificate program goes beyond the classroom. Participants receive post-training reading recommendations, study materials, and practice tests, empowering them to thoroughly prepare for the Learning and Development Professional certification exam. It's a holistic approach that guarantees a substantial return on investment in your future career goals that exceeds your wildest expectations.