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What is the Difference between MS Azure 103 and 104 exams

Archana Todmal

Archana Todmal

Last updated 21/07/2021

What is the Difference between MS Azure 103 and 104 exams

Microsoft Azure is one of the perceptible names among driving open cloud specialist co-ops. The job-based affirmation model of Microsoft Azure adjusts consummately with different rising occupation obligations in distributed computing. If you are trying to certify a Microsoft Azure Certified Administrator, at that point you should think about the AZ-103 versus AZ-104 examination. 

AZ-103 is the current affirmation test for the job of Microsoft Azure Administrator and would be accessible till August 31, 2020. Microsoft Azure presented a substitution of the AZ-103 test as the AZ-104 test on April 2, 2020. 

Therefore, many hopeful competitors are confronting disarrays about the perfect decision among AZ-103 and AZ-104. The accompanying conversation presents an examination between the tests to assist you with concluding as indicated by your vocation desires. 

The Difference in the Basics of the Exams 

One of the main parts of the AZ-103 versus AZ-104 correlation alludes legitimately to the fundamental subtleties of the two tests. The enrollment cost for both the tests is USD 165. Be that as it may, the AZ-103 test is accessible in four distinct dialects, for example, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Then again, AZ-104 confirmation is accessible by and by in the English language as it were. 


The Difference in Target Audience for the Exams 

The following pointer in looking at AZ-104 versus AZ-103 accreditation test alludes to the intended interest group for the two tests. Perusers can discover this segment introducing express comparability between the two tests. Both the tests are perfect for hopeful Azure directors. 

In any case, it is basic to take note of that Microsoft presents new affirmations for approving the abilities of up-and-comers intending to the new necessities from explicit employment jobs. In this manner, the AZ-104 test is nearly thorough than the AZ-103 confirmation test as it would concentrate on abilities required for rising changes in the activity of Microsoft Azure chairmen. 


Contrasts in Exam Prerequisites 

Up-and-comers could likewise discover outstanding contrasts in the AZ-103 versus AZ-104 examination while considering the test requirements. Most importantly, you should realize that there are no particular essentials to show up for the AZ-103 or AZ-104 test. In any case, the AZ-104 accreditation test presents the accompanying information and experience necessities that are far-reaching than that of the AZ-103 affirmation test. 

  • At any rate a half year of hands-on involvement with Azure organization. 
  • Complete information on center Azure Services. 
  • Point by point comprehension of Azure administration, outstanding tasks at hand, and security. 
  • Promising aptitudes in cloud foundation, working frameworks, organizing, capacity structures, and virtualization.
  • Hands-on involvement with the use of Azure Portal, Command Line Interface, ARM layouts, and Azure PowerShell. 


Correlation of Domains in AZ-103 and AZ-104 Exams 

Perusers can reinforce their insight into AZ-103 versus AZ-104 correlation by considering contrasts in spaces shrouded in the tests. Let us plot the areas shrouded in AZ-103 and AZ-104 tests before exploring the contrasts between them. 


The AZ-103 accreditation test contains the accompanying spaces. 

  • Overseeing Azure memberships and assets. 
  • Usage and overseeing stockpiling. 
  • Sending and overseeing virtual machines. 
  • Design and the board of virtual systems. 
  • Character the board. 


Planning Guide for AZ-103 Exam 

The AZ-104 accreditation test contains the accompanying areas. 

  • The executives of Azure characters and administration. 
  • Usage and the executives of capacity. 
  • Arrangement and the board of processing assets. 
  • Arranging and overseeing virtual systems. 
  • Checking and reinforcement for Azure assets. 


First of all, you can set up certain similitudes in the AZ-103 versus AZ-104 correlation, given the previously mentioned data. Both the tests incorporate the spaces of execution of and overseeing capacity and the setup and overseeing of virtual systems. 

Be that as it may, we can likewise see the distinction in areas of AZ-103 and AZ-104 confirmation tests. The AZ-104 affirmation test centers around the organization and overseeing of registering assets while AZ-103 spotlights on sending and overseeing virtual systems. Here is a portion of different contrasts between AZ-103 and AZ-104 tests we can discover by looking at the test spaces. 

The AZ-104 confirmation test underscores more on personalities and administration as opposed to memberships and assets. 

In the subsequent space, we can see further contrasts in the AZ-103 versus the AZ-104 examination. Even though the area is comparative in the two tests, the emphasis on information the board is noticeable in AZ-104. 

Perusers could likewise locate a particular space devoted to reinforcement and recuperation in the new AZ-104 confirmation test. The new area thinks about explicitly using Azure Monitor for the usage of reinforcement and recuperation and checking assets. 

At last, the AZ-104 affirmation test has taken the consideration of virtual machines towards process assets. 

Things being what they are, Which Exam would you say you are Going to Take? 

Thus, in light of the comprehension of previously mentioned contrasts, you can settle on a choice at this point. You can unmistakably see the various open doors that the AZ-104 accreditation test brings for hopeful Azure executives. Then again, it has additionally carried numerous new difficulties for the contender to get ready for the test. 

With an away from the spaces canvassed in the new test, applicants can pick perfect learning assets for their arrangements. Generally significant of all, perusers can think about the contrasts between AZ-103 versus AZ-104 with the rising obligations of Azure director. Subsequently, you can pick the correct test for a long encouraging vocation ahead!

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