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What is Full Stack Data Scientist Salary? Exploring Trends and Insights

Bernie Deon

Bernie Deon

Last updated 26/05/2023

What is Full Stack Data Scientist Salary? Exploring Trends and Insights

Whenever you  pick up a career to move forward with, your first concern is always “How much this career choice is going to pay me?” 

Isn’t it?

According to statistics, India is the second-most noteworthy nation to enlist employees in the field of data science or data analytics. And so on with 50,000 positions accessible, India stands just next to the United States. The requirement for Full stack Data scientists is similarly serious, regardless of whether you take a gander at the large organizations, the online business industry or even new companies.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you have the necessary skill sets and are prepared to keep yourself updated, your career as a Full-stack Data Scientist is relied upon to continue developing onwards and upwards. This line stands genuine particularly when we think about that as a Full-stack Data Scientist's salary in India is legitimately or in a roundabout way reliant on how upskilled and up to date, they are.

Did it suddenly build up an urge inside you to pursue a career as a Full-stack Data scientist? 

It sure did!

Let’s take a look at the exact definition of a Full-stack Data Scientist at first.

Who is a Full Stack Data Scientist & What Do They Do?

Any business problem requires a full-cycle solution. 

Let us be clear about what a full-cycle business solution is. Full cycle business cycle usually happens in 6 steps:

  • Business understanding: Identifying the business  problem and understanding  how we can solve it
  • Data Understanding: Analyzing available  data sources, decide  if we need to get more  data
  • Data Preparation: Transforming the data so  it can be put into a ML  algorithm
  • Modeling: Training the models:  the actual machine  learning happens here
  • Evaluation: Measuring how well  the model solves the business problem
  • Deployment: Deploying the models into production

Completing this full cycle requires a team. And that’s when Full Stack Data Scientists come in the picture. 

A Full-stack Data scientist is a person who is responsible for handwritten digits identification, building a recommendation engine, practical case study on Banking Data, classifying the type of cancer case study, object detection in the live video feed, webcams, video files on youtube, sentimental analysis for review.

So what are the skills required for this job? 

Let’s find out!

Required skills for a Full Stack Data Scientist

  • An in-depth knowledge of algorithms, statistics, mathematics and machine learning.
  • Programming languages like R, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive.
  • Business understanding and the aptitude to point out the right questions to ask, and find answers in the available data.
  • Strong communication skills in order to communicate the results effectively to the rest of the team.

Responsibilities of Data Scientists

  • Gathering immense measures of organized and unstructured data and altering over them into significant bits of insights. 
  • Identifying the data analytics solutions that posses the most critical potential to accelerate the organization’s development.
  • Utilizing analytical techniques like text analysis, AI, and deep learning on how to analyze data, along these lines disentangling concealed examples and patterns. 
  • Urging data-driven way to deal with taking care of complex business issues. 
  • Purifying and approving data to optimise data accuracy and efficacy. 
  • Conveying all the beneficial perceptions and discoveries to the organization partners through Data visualization.

Full Stack Data Scientists Salary Range in India

Full Stack data scientist's annual salary is Rs 698,412. Although, it completely depends on your experience level. An entry-level Full Stack data scientist ends up earning around Rs. 500,000 on a yearly basis with less than one year of experience. Early level Full stack data scientists who have 1 to 4 years of experience in bag get around Rs 610,811 per annum.


A medium level Full stack data scientist with 5 to 9 years experience gets paid around Rs 1,004,082 per annum in India. With your growing experience and skill set, your salary rises dramatically as senior-level Full stack data scientists earn around more than Rs 1,700,000 per annum in India!


Key Reasons to Become a Data Scientist

1. Highly in-demand field

Full stack Data Science is one of the most sought after positions for 2020. It is anticipated that by 2026, information science and investigation would have in excess of 11 million positions. After the United States, India is the second conspicuous center point of occupations for Full stack Data Scientist.

2. Highly Paid & Diverse Roles

Not only is the demand for data scientists booming, but the kinds of job positions are also abundant.

3. Evolving workplace environments

Data Science is forming the working environment of things to come. With the appearance of AI and Robotics, an ever-increasing number of normal and manual undertakings are getting automated. Data science innovations have made it conceivable to prepare machines in performing dreary undertakings as people take on more basic reasoning and critical thinking jobs.

4. Improving product standards

Utilization of machine learning has empowered organizations to customize their giveaways to increase customer experiences.

5. Helping the world

Predictive analytics and machine learning have brought a new era in the healthcare industry. Data science is being useful to save lives through early detection of tumors, organ anomalies, and more.

Factors Affecting Data Scientist Salary in India

Full Stack Data Scientist salaries in India can be influenced by the following factors: 

  1. Location
  2. Experience
  3. Skills
  4. Company

Data Scientist Salary by Location

The quantity of openings for work and the yearly full stack data scientis salary in India is the most elevated in Mumbai, trailed by Bangalore and New Delhi. In any case, since Bangalore is the startup capital of India, it has the most open doors for occupations in new companies. A Full stack data scientist's salary in Bangalore would bound to be higher than different urban areas as it is viewed as the center point of the tech business of India. The ranking of the annual full stack data scientist salary in (INR) lakhs are given below, according to Analytics India Magazine:

  1. Mumbai: 11.4 PA
  2. Bangalore: 10.3 PA
  3. New Delhi: 9.9 PA
  4. Pune: 8.8 PA
  5. Chennai: 8.4 PA
  6. Hyderabad: 8.3 PA

According to Payscale, Full Stack Data scientist salary in India based on the locations are:

  1. Mumbai – $788,789
  2. Chennai – $794,403
  3. Bangalore – $984,488
  4. Hyderabad – $795,023
  5. Pune – $725,146
  6. Kolkata – $402,978


Data Scientist Salary by Experience

Now, let’s have a look at how a Full Stack Data Scientist’s salary in India varies based on their experiences.



A career as a full-stack data scientist mainly seems interesting to young IT professionals because of the relation between years of work experience and comparatively higher-paying salaries. Salaries in the field of data might look something like the following, in the future:

  • For a fresh graduate, the average entry-level data scientist salary in India is $511,468.  


  • A full-stack data scientist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average of $773,442 per annum.


  • A full-stack data scientist with 5-9 years of experience has the potential to grab between INR 12-14 lakhs. According to payscale, the average mid-level data scientist's salary is $1,367,306.


A highly experienced full-stack data scientist with decades of working experience can expect anywhere from INR 24 lakhs up to a healthy crore of rupees! 

Data Scientist Salary by Skills

So as to make sure about such a lucrative work, you are relied upon to go past the capabilities of a Master's certificate and be comfortable with the particular dialects and programming used for overseeing information. Some more bits of knowledge from AIM:



  • The most important skill is being familiar with R followed by Python. Python salary in India alone promises of 10.2 lakhs INR.
  • The combination of knowledge of Big Data and Data Science can increase a Full Stack Data Scientist’s salary by 26% compared to being skilled in only one of the areas.
  • SAS users are paid between INR 9.1-10.8 lakhs versus SPSS experts earning INR 7.3 lakhs.  
  • Machine Learning salary in India starts from around 3.5 lakhs INR to if you grow in this field it can take a leap up to 16 lakhs INR. Python is one of the most recommended languages when it comes to ML, and to add to that, Python developers’ salary in India is among one of the highest.
  • A vast knowledge of Artificial Intelligence can help you make a career overall. The Artificial Intelligence salary in India offers not less than 5-6 lakhs INR if you are a novice in this industry.



So, what did you exactly understand from this? You are always going to have a scope to increase your salary amount, till the time you keep on upskilling yourself! And your timing couldn’t be more perfect, because GSDC is providing a scholarship on their Full Stack Data Scientist program!

So hurry up, check our Full Stack Data Scientist course and avail this over right away!


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