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The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Scrum Masters Make (and How to Avoid Them)



Last updated 14/05/2024

The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Scrum Masters Make (and How to Avoid Them)

As different businesses are making the shift from traditional software methodologies and are leveraging towards the Agile Methodology, the agile industries have increased in the past several years. Nowadays, businesses prefer to use new-age agile technologies because they are competitive in the market and reach out faster to consumers and users than their competitors. 

With the help of adopting agile, most businesses have chosen the Scrum Framework to work on the agile principles to implement and deliver the product. They make use of Scrum values and principles to implement disciplined product management practices. Scrum Master Certification and Training in the UK will help you to understand the diverse practice of scrum master with real time examples.

Agile supports iterative development, teamwork, frequent feedback, and delivery with high build; there are different businesses that have planned to develop in the next few years, and businesses that have already maintained tend to maintain and grow with the Agile Methodology. 

First, understand Scrum.

Scrum is the framework that uses agile principles and values to implement complex development practices. It’s the process framework that is used explicitly by companies that are seeking to implement products in an interactive approach. 

Scrum develops product increments in short cycles known as sprints, which last for weeks. It also provides different robust features that bring transparency to product development procedures. 

The following are the critical specifications of Scrum:

  • Quicker development 
  • Self-organized teams 
  • Lightweight framework 
  • Ability to develop the changing market conditions
  • Time boxed activities
  • An interactive and incremental approach

Scrum Master 

A Scrum Master is a professional who acts as a servant leader and guides the Scrum Team at the time of product development and delivery. They are one of the scrum teams and make decisions when the team cannot decide away during the procedure of development. 

They have many roles and responsibilities that have to be completed so that the Scrum project is successful. Understanding the obstructions of the developer and resolving the issues that are generated in product development are a few of the essential duties of a Scrum Master. 

Let’s delve into mistakes that new scrum master makes

Now, we will focus on the 3 biggest mistakes scrum masters make, along with their solutions.

Not conducting retrospective: 

Sprint Retrospective meetings are often essential for Scrum events, which are conducted so that the group members can understand what mistakes they performed in the previous Sprint and learn from them so that they don’t repeat them in the upcoming Sprints.

There are a few scrum masters who might feel that retrospectives aren’t worth the time and are time-consuming. Therefore, skip them and conduct other events. It’s the communal mistake that occurred by the scrum master that has to be avoided.

Conducting these types of meetings can help the team assess the project and increase the group’s efficiency. Groups can make in-detailed notes of work completed and pending tasks, which will enable them to develop continuously. It can also be structured through five processes known as:

  • Stage setting
  • Data Gathering 
  • Generating insights
  • Decide what to do
  • Closing of the Retrospective 

Solution for this issue:

In order to resolve the retrospective meetings issue, the following are the practices Scrum Master must follow. First, the high-performance tree will help team members generate a vision for themselves that supports them in enhancing their overall performance. 

Next, the Sailboat technique also helps members understand the risks included in their path, and it also generates their vision with the knowledge of risks or issues. It also introduces new methods to gain objectives. 

The Lego retrospective is another technique that will help members who are encouraged to show their thoughts in a much more playful way. 

Burning out the development team:

Another common mistake made by Scrum Master is not deterring the team from burnout. The framework mainly includes the Sprint Backlog and operating within a sprint. Sprint on its own makes it sound like you go first and blinders on. There is a systematic approach to handling the sprint. Also, the intention isn’t for the development team to work 80 hours per week within that sprint period.

Burnout needs to be avoided, and the role of the scrum master is to point out when it’s happening or when it’s about to happen. The product owner wants results, and the responsible individual might push hard to get them. Here, the scrum master must protect the development team by pushing back when the task is too much. They should need to track down the team’s velocity and help them plan for it. 

 Solution for this issue:

To resolve this problem, Scrum Master must be aware of potential issues and learn from others' mistakes rather than creating your own. Make sure to track down the velocity of every sprint within the team. 

Always have a capacity plan and make sure the team doesn’t commit at the time of sprint planning. Beware of group members who may be working overtime and address it. 

Confusing between the role of Scrum Master and Project Manager:

The roles of the Scrum Master and Project Master are different. When it comes to Scrum Masters then, their roles are constant as they perform the tasks that are already defined through the Scrum Framework, and the role of project manager is mostly based on the project’s requirements. These managers mostly have command and control over the mentality, which varies significantly from the Agile Methodology. 

They are considered leaders that only assign tasks and dictate the efforts of the team members. However, the scrum team is a self-organizing team where each individual is responsible for their actions and takes responsibility for their work. They are accountable for the work they are assigned. A Scrum Master is a servant leader and helps the team whenever they face any issue.    

They don’t have the authority to dictate terms to the group. The group should learn to become better in their work by collaborating and providing more excellent value and efficiency with regular inspection and adoption.

Solution for this issue:

 To resolve this issue, it will be better for the Scrum Master and Project Manager to understand their roles and responsibilities throughout. Scrum Master shouldn’t dictate the tasks to the group, but the group should realize their potential and instruct them regarding any issues or problems in the procedure. Scrum Master Certification and Training in UK will help you with core responsibilities of these both roles.

The members need to learn through experience, whether they are good or bad, and bring out their best at the time of the product development procedure. They should be allowed to make mistakes and should learn from them. It will help the entire scrum team to attain the fulfillment of becoming a productive group on their own. 

Those mentioned above are communal mistakes that new scrum masters make. With the help of a given solution, it can be avoided. Scrum master indeed faces challenges when navigating the complexities of product development collaboration and business procedures and policies. Their role is essential in steering products and teams' success, and they need a delicate balance of guidance and flexibility. 

While enthusiasm in a Scrum Master is invaluable, it needs to be carefully tempered with mindfulness and adaptability. However, the goal is to cultivate an environment where the team can thrive, grow, and innovate while maintaining a great balance between organizational procedure adherence and freedom. 


Successful project outcomes depend on Scrum Masters avoiding frequent complexities or pitfalls. Scrum Masters may overcome the issues and establish a vibrant agile environment with the help of adopting agile concepts, emphasizing self-development, and successfully involving stakeholders. A Scrum certification, like Certified Scrum Master certification, can also lead to recognition in the industry and useful information.

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