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Why AWS Certification - Here are Top 5 Reasons

Why AWS Certification

As we all know how difficult is to achieve the highest position in an organization in this competitive edge, but it is possible when you are having extraordinary skills like AWS Developer, AWS solution architect, DevOps Master.

While you are reading reasons to do AWS certification, first we have to clear the concept and know in brief about AWS for beginner’s readers for students.

What is AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform provides On-demand cloud computing services for personal use, business use and for government projects on paid subscriptions basis. AWS is a subsidiary of Aamazon.com which enables you to use web services to build scalable and sophisticated applications which give your business features like storage services, development and management tools, analytics services, content delivery management system, messaging services, computing, database management, app services, payments services, mobile networking and on-demand workforce.

Why AWS become a God of Cloud Computing?

We all know Amazon.com is well known for its ability to changing USA’s retail market by offering cheap, fast, and better services to customers. AWS cloud computing solutions are following the same way like Amazon.com, by offering all types cloud computing services which are much economical, fast and better than others.

The main 3 features of AWS services are:

  • AWS is economical to organizations.
  • AWS is scalable because it’s offering are different for business to business like it’s also available for startups, small business and large business.
  • AWS is much more secure because currently AWS have many data centers which are regularly monitored and strictly maintained, and they tried to keep their database centers as hidden as possible.

Following are the benefits you will get when you have AWS Certification

1. Cloud is the Future of Business Technology:

Now a day’s cloud computing is the technology that every business wants. Why? Because it’s economical, fast, advanced with better features than conventional technology. No need of heavy integration or heavy maintenance. Cloud can give you all feature in single platform.

Cloud Computing growth this year Source: Statista

2. AWS Certification Reasonable and Within Reach:

Now there are tons of certification for cloud computing provided by various vendors but Amazon are the only one which certification are less in cost. Although, It’s not that easy to get AWS certified but you must have basic knowledge which is required to pass. The issue for other certifications recognized by various experts is that like many aspirants left the current job to get the certifications and pay expensive fees to attend the training, but this is not the issue with Amazon AWS certification for both AWS developer and AWS solution architect certification you can pass the exam by continuing your current job and benefit of that is you will get promoted in your current company with the job role you want.

As, mentioned above there are two important certification you need to pursue:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

As an expert recommended you cannot learn these skills in online training because the classroom training is delivered by the industry expert trainers who are having plenty of experience in their field, they can deliver you real life examples and case studies.

3. Demanded Skills are always Earning more Money!!! Right?

forbes report of aws salary Source: Global Knowledge

This does not mean after you get certification you can earn the above salary, it’s totally depend upon your understanding of AWS and Technical skills.

As, above chart you can see that AWS certified are earning more than average by just acquiring demanded skills.

4. AWS Becomes the God of Cloud:

According to Gartner report AWS is having growth more than 10 times compared to their 14 competitors combine and their competitors are not a small player they are also well known name in cloud computing industry e.g., Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platform, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace and Joyent, while they are busy in competing with each other as a software industry aspirant didn’t you notice the biggest opportunity? Yes AWS is expanding and all the big organizations working on AWS, so you need to grab this opportunity and become a certified AWS developer as soon as possible because we all know the competition in software industry.

gartner report for aws Source: Gartner

5. New Height to Your Expertise:

If you want to improve your skills or expertise in cloud computing field “then” AWS certification is best for you. AWS certification will boost your resume and your profile but for that you must have the knowledge of AWS theoretically as well as practically and once you fix your path by doing initial certification “then” you can go for another certification or advanced certification in this field.

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