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Top 20 IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers [12 extra questions Updated]



Last updated 19/05/2023

Top 20 IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers [12 extra questions Updated]

Tech support.

How many times a day do you utter these two words?

Probably more than you call your parents.

Office laptops giving issues? You call tech support.

The application you have been using is bothering you with bugs? You call tech support.

The tech support guys, I mean the IT help desk guys have been the hero in disguise in your life for so many times that you can’t even remember.

So, are you thinking of joining this league and start your career at the IT help desk? If yes, then you have chosen the proper career path.

Nowadays companies are hiring in bulk for their tech support team. And in 2020’s pandemic when the entire world has worn the digital shield, the IT help desk’s workforce has to be increased.

Many of you might be wondering “What kind of IT support interview questions will I face while giving the interview?”

So here are the top 20 IT help desk interview questions to give you an idea about it.

1. What do you know about our products and company?

Ans. This inner interview question tests the interest of the candidate and the groundwork for the position. To address this inquiry, the up-and-comer needs to peruse the employment promotion and furthermore go through the site to become more acquainted with the subtleties. 

It isn't compulsory to know all the determinations of the product yet the essential idea is fundamental with the goal that you score well in the interview contrasted with others.

2. What is BIOS?

BIOS is condensed as a Basic Input Output System and present in all PCs. The primary motivation behind the BIOS is that it guarantees that all the parts of the PC work together. 

All insights about the equipment segments in the framework are contained in the BIOS. Special Software is another name offered to BIOS as it interfaces the primary equipment parts of the framework with the working framework. The blaze memory chip on the motherboard is the place where it is put away.

3. Do you have any experience in the technical support field?

On the off chance that you have any involvement with a similar field, you can specify and turn into an ideal candidate for the job. Make sure to talk pretty much all the encounters and feelings expertly and decidedly. Discuss your past work and the specialized perspectives that you have taken care of.

4. What are the hardware components of a desktop computer/laptop?

This is a fundamental specialized inquiry question to test the essential information on PCs. The appropriate response would be that the equipment parts for work area and PCs the motherboard, processor, RAM, monitor, mouse, soundcard, keyboard, graphics, hard disk drive, power flexibly, and floppy disk drive.

5. Mention the difference between RAM and ROM?

Slam is a Random Access Memory that utilization to store information briefly. It is the information which the PC working as of now. ROM is called Read-Only Memory which is a lasting kind of memory stockpiling for the capacity of significant information.

6. Why do you want to work for us?

The appropriate response should be detailed in a way that fulfills the requirements of the organization. Your answer can that you need to be a piece of the group on the grounds that the association has a solid administration style. 

You can likewise specify that since the organization highlights innovative work, you can get an opportunity to uncover your abilities and ability for the equivalent. Legitimate schoolwork is required to address the inquiry in the correct way.

7. What would you do when audio is not working on the computer?

The response to this specialized inquiry is to check the digital cable associations. The associations that lead from speakers to control must be checked. At last, the gadget drivers can look at and furthermore the volume control must check.

8. What can you contribute to us that someone else cannot?

For this question, show how important you are. Notice your records and how you would get things achieved. Notice every one of your achievements in your profession and different points of interest from your resume. 

Additionally, guarantee that you can get results with your advantage and aptitudes you have and you would be viewed as a significant worker. Likewise, answer that you're an individual who finds issues, sets needs, and can understand them with your experience.

9. What are the things to do when a customer calls up that his computer is slow?

The IT official first requirements to check if the PC sets aside a long effort to begin. The following stage is to check if the PC is delayed with only one application or totally. At that point, the framework checked for viruses, spyware, and malware. Lastly, the framework to check for the space accessible in the hard plate drive.

10. What is the need for device drivers?

Device drivers are additionally a bit of programming that considered compulsory to run the equipment segments in the framework. These inquiries are nuts and bolts and any applicant ought to have fundamental information on these viewpoints.

11. Name the latest computer processors?

This question tests your insight and on the off chance that you refreshed with the most recent innovative patterns. The most recent PC processors are I3, I5, and I7 processors and Intel Pentium Quad Core.

12. What are the attractive aspects and unattractive aspects that you consider the position?

Explore and discover a couple of appealing parts of the job role and notice them. For unattractive aspects notice a solitary yet minor con of the position which is not that much considerable.

13. Do you have an idea about the blue screen of death (BSOD)?

The indicant of a basic framework issue called the blue screen of death where for this situation the PC freezes totally. In such a circumstance it doesn't mean anything. The framework can restart or booted in experimental mode to explain this issue.

14. What challenges do you expect in this IT support job role?

The appropriate response decides whether you're an individual who searches for difficulties and on the off chance that you an ideal fit for the position. You can answer that you would utilize your abilities and involvement in the correct way on the off chance that you employed. 

Likewise, answer that you're an individual who supported by difficulties and can confront difficulties. You likewise can make reference to that you have the right stuff and adaptability to deal with any difficult errand.

15. What do you look for in a job?

For such sort of IT technical interview questions, keep your answers focused towards circumstances that win in the association. Examine the longings that you need to perform and be seen as an ideal representative. 

Try not to figure your answer which wraps towards your security, rather center around the accessible chances.

16. For an average call, what is your expected period?

For IT support, the tackling of an issue in a brief way is significant. The Problem-explaining viewpoint as per the general inclination of the client is another part of IT uphold engineers. Your answer should introduce that you center around relational abilities, specialized perspectives, critical thinking aptitudes and furthermore keen on consumer loyalty. 

You can answer that the time took care of relies upon the degree of the issue. You can make reference to that you have confronted a few issues and per call, it might take around 2 to 3 minutes.

17. What is your typical workweek as an IT support officer?

The businesses might want to understand what the candidate would accomplish while they work. Investigate the job role you have applied for and how it identifies with your past job. At the point when you needed to discuss average work pressure for seven days, try not to examine non-business related exercises. 

During the hour of the organization, you ought to gainfully utilize the time. Your answers must zero in on work and figure your answers such that present that you coordinated.

18. Which operating system are you famed with?

Make sure to address this question by investigating the frameworks the association is utilizing. Attempt to get acquainted with the framework the association utilizes. This likewise specifies different frameworks that you have worked and have involvement in.

19. What are the lights that are present on the modem and what do they indicate?

The lights on the modem are power light which shows if the power is on or off. The connection light is the following light which ensures if the modem is getting the broadband sign from the ISP. 

To guarantee if the web is working, data light is used. Network light guarantees if the modem connected to the PC. These are the lights present in the modem and their capacities.

20. What are the steps you follow to solve a technical problem?

This usually asked IT uphold talk with inquiries would give your commonality the IT uphold the measure. Your answer would likewise be a key that would empower the business to plan to prepare whenever required. 

Make sure to list down all the means for settling organized appropriately and furthermore answer that every association has its own arrangement of methodology.

Bonus : IT Help/Service Interview Questions & Experts Answers

  1. What is your understanding of IT help desk support?

Answer: IT help desk support involves providing technical assistance and troubleshooting to users who encounter issues with hardware, software, or network systems.

  1. How do you prioritize and manage multiple help desk tickets?

Answer: I prioritize help desk tickets based on their urgency and impact on the user's ability to work. I use a ticketing system to track and manage tickets, ensuring that I address critical issues promptly while maintaining effective communication with users.

  1. Can you explain the importance of customer service in IT help desk support?

Answer: Customer service is crucial in IT help desk support as it ensures a positive user experience. It involves active listening, empathy, clear communication, and a commitment to resolving issues efficiently and professionally.

  1. How would you troubleshoot a user's connectivity issue?

Answer: I would start by checking the basics, such as ensuring the cables are properly connected and the Wi-Fi is enabled. If the issue persists, I would investigate the network settings, run diagnostics, check for IP conflicts, and verify DNS settings to isolate and resolve the connectivity problem.

  1. How do you handle an irate or frustrated user?

Answer: I remain calm, empathize with the user's frustration, and actively listen to their concerns. I assure them that I will do my best to resolve the issue promptly and provide regular updates on the progress. I aim to find a solution while maintaining a professional and positive attitude.

  1. How do you keep up with the latest technology trends in the IT industry?

Answer: I stay updated by regularly reading technology blogs, following industry experts on social media, attending webinars, and participating in relevant online forums and communities. I also take advantage of training programs and certifications to enhance my skills and knowledge.

  1. Describe your experience with Active Directory and user management.

Answer: Active Directory is a central component in managing user accounts, permissions, and resources in a Windows environment. I have experience creating, modifying, and disabling user accounts, managing group policies, and troubleshooting user access issues within Active Directory.

  1. What steps would you take to recover a user's deleted file?

Answer: I would first check the recycle bin or trash folder to see if the file is recoverable. If not, I would utilize file recovery software or contact the system administrator to check if there are any backups available for restoration.

  1. How do you handle a situation where you don't know the answer to a user's question?

Answer: I would acknowledge that I don't have an immediate answer but assure the user that I will investigate and find a solution. I would consult relevant documentation, knowledge bases, or seek assistance from colleagues or higher-level support if needed. Prompt communication and follow-up are essential in such cases.

  1. Explain the concept of IP addressing and subnetting.

Answer: IP addressing is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Subnetting involves dividing a network into smaller subnetworks for better organization and management. It helps optimize network resources, enhance security, and facilitate efficient data transmission.

  1. How do you handle a situation where a user is unable to print?

Answer: I would start by checking if the printer is powered on, properly connected, and has sufficient paper and ink. Then, I would investigate the printer drivers, print queue, and network connectivity to identify and resolve any issues that may be preventing printing.

  1. Describe your experience with remote desktop support tools.

Answer: I have experience using remote desktop support tools such as TeamViewer, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), or VNC to assist users remotely. I am familiar with establishing secure connections, troubleshooting remote systems, and providing technical guidance without physical access to the user's computer


So, the IT help desk interview questions seem pretty simple. Isn’t it?

The main goal of the IT help desk is to serve the customer and employee needs and bringing as much customer satisfaction as possible.

Many companies are using the ITIL framework nowadays for their IT Service Management and bringing the concept of service desk onboard. And ITIL certified people possess much better chances and skills to join an IT Help Desk team.

Check out our ITIL course and if you like what you see, join us already!

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