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How AWS WAF Is Helping Organizations To Secure their Web Applications?



Last updated 22/07/2021

How AWS WAF Is Helping Organizations To Secure their Web Applications?

AWS (WAF) Web Application Firewall? What is it and how does it work?

Today organizations are more disposed towards moving their remaining tasks at hand to the cloud to chop down the capital speculations and to boost their operational productivity. Facilitating the outstanding burdens to AWS cloud is one section and guaranteeing the security of the application is another that should be paid attention to. With regards to Cloud, there is consistently a misconception that the security will be taken into consideration of course when you move the outstanding tasks at hand to the cloud. However, this isn't the situation, security in the cloud is a shared duty and the client should ensure that preventive measures are set up to shield from continuous dangers. Be that as it may, there are a few services accessible from AWS to ensure your web application is secured. This is the place where the AWS  Web Application Firewall comes into the picture.

What is AWS WAF?

AWS WAF or Web Application Firewall goes about as a boundary between your remaining tasks at hand and the web shielding the web applications from normal cyber attacks, for example, SQL infusion or cross-website scripting. It additionally lets you design decisions that permit, square, or screen web demands dependent on the conditions that you characterize like IP address filtering, HTTP headers, and so on.

How does AWS WAF Work?

Rather than provisioning separate workers for dealing with the firewall, AWS WAF allows you to coordinate with the upheld administrations. It works by reviewing the approaching traffic w.r.t the preconfigured rule sets. At the point when fundamental assistance gets a solicitation for your web application, this will get diverted to WAF which thus checks the solicitation to check whether it agrees to the preconfigured rule set. In the event that it meets the necessary condition, WAF will let the hidden help acknowledge the solicitation else it will get obstructed.

How to deploy AWS WAF?

You can easily deploy AWS WAF along with these services:

  1. AWS CloudFront
  2. Application Load Balancer
  3. Amazon API Gateway

How to setup AWS WAF?

To begin with AWS WAF we need to make a web Access Control List (ACL) and partner it with the upheld administrations. ACLs ought to contain at any rate one standard or can have different principles that we indicate to one or the other obstruct or permit approaching solicitations. There is adaptability to compose your own standard sets or utilize oversaw rule bunches offered by AWS and AWS Marketplace dealers. A portion of the AWS oversaw rules appear in the figure beneath.

Moreover, you can likewise arrange Rate-based Rules that permit you to impede a particular IP address/range that demands more than the predetermined mean a given time. For E.g. We can impede an IP address that is mentioning in excess of multiple times inside a 2-minute stretch. 

Both Rate-based guidelines and ordinary principles can be added as a component of similar standards set so it adds greater adaptability to the client.

How is WAF priced?

Like different administrations, AWS WAF additionally has paid more only as costs arise valuing the model with no forthright responsibilities. There are distinctive costing segments for AWS WAF as referenced underneath, 

  • $5/Month for each web ACL made 
  • $1/Month for each standard that is added to the web ACL 
  • $0.60/Month per million demands that are handled by WAF. 

There are no extra charges for utilizing AWS Managed Rules or Rate-based standards yet on the off chance that you are utilizing an outsider Managed Rules from the Market Place extra charges will be applied as depicted by the merchant.


To sum up, it is significant for associations to guarantee that border level security is set up when they move their outstanding burdens into the cloud. Firmly coordinated with other AWS administrations, AWS WAF is an easy decision as far as arrangement and has a direct evaluating model which settles on it a simple decision for ensuring your remaining tasks at hand on the AWS cloud.

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