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5 Skills To Be Pinned In Your DevOps-Engineer Journal



Last updated 21/07/2021

5 Skills To Be Pinned In Your DevOps-Engineer Journal

What is the meaning of skills really? 

Whenever you apply for a job, you will see that there are some skillsets mentioned which the employer wants you to have. But is that all you will need while you are actually appointed? 

According to Wikipedia, a skill is an ability to carry out a task with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. So, do you really think everything will be mentioned in the required skillsets section which all you will need to carry out your tasks?

Let’s talk about DevOps engineers’ skillsets now as we mentioned in the title. If you open any job portal, you’ll get to see all DevOps engineer’s jobs require the candidates to have a vast knowledge of AWS, CD tooling, hands-on experience in building CI pipelines and many more. But is that all you need to have to become a DevOps Engineer? No, it’s not.

In this blog, we are going to tell you all about the DevOps engineer skills which are must-haves for anyone who is looking forward to taking DevOps as a career option or is already a DevOps engineer. Make sure to go through each and every point and do a self-analysis right away!

A DevOps engineer is someone who works with developers and IT staff to oversee the code release. DevOps engineer is the one who is responsible for developing a digital pipeline. From this, you can understand that DevOps engineer’s role is much bigger than it looks like in their job descriptions. According to, in the US, a DevOps engineer gets paid an average of $ 93,062 per year.



So,  Let’s check that out!

Demanded Skills For DevOps Engineer:

1. Flexibility:

Do you have the ability to continuously deploy and integrate new systems and operations in your code? 

Congratulations! You are halfway there already then! 

Since the DevOps culture is based on flexibility, you should be comfortable with the continuous integration process. The coding should be an ongoing process for you, ever-changing, and always needed to be updated based on the customer requirement. And we need not mention that you need strong technical knowledge to implement the continuous integration process. Right?

2. Security Skills:

When there is coding involved, you always need to keep security at its utmost importance. And since DevOps practices bring a faster cycle of development and deployment of codes, vulnerabilities are always at a higher risk to attract the code much quicker than normal times. And who doesn’t know that vulnerability is the easiest way to get hackers into the system?

Along with coding skills, security skills are also a must-have for DevOps engineers. From the starting of deployment, built-in security software should be there which can be added anytime whenever a security breach is being detected. 

This small video can guide you towards that though:

3. Collaboration:

If you feel good about being a one-man army, the profession of DevOps engineer won’t suit you. Collaboration is the main key to a successful DevOps culture. 

A DevOps engineer should be a team player in order to bring the development and the operations team together. Not only that, but the cross-functionality of DevOps culture is also totally based DevOps engineer’s responsibility towards collaboration.

To make your team collaboration even better, you can take the help of SRE and ITSM as well. 

Here’s how:

4. Infrastructure Knowledge:

Along with scripting skills, DevOps engineers should have hands-on experience in data science and cloud infrastructure components like AWS and Azure. They should have an understanding of software networking too to get that how the software will run in various networks.  

This recorded video gives you an example of how DevOps can be implemented in an Azure platform:

And last but not least, having knowledge about different DevOps tools is always necessary. Because in the DevOps platform, new tools are always coming in the picture. So staying updated about them is a good thing. Isn’t it?

Maybe you can try for some DevOps courses as well to know all about it!

5. Soft Skills:

If you think only being a pro in the technical field is going to help you in the rise and shine as a DevOps engineer, you are completely wrong! 

DevOps engineer basically works as a bridge between the development and the operations team. Hence, soft skills like looking at the bigger picture, breaking down the work, teamwork capability, and many more results into a quick delivery and better level of customer satisfaction.


Now that you know what all you need to be a successful DevOps engineer, now it’s time for the final question.

Do you think you have it in you?


Join a DevOps training session and grab a DevOps Engineer Certification as soon as possible then! The world of DevOps will seem pretty easy for you.

Do you think we missed out on any point to discuss? Let us know in the comment section below!

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