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Certified Scrum Master(CSM) training & Certification
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Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training & Certification

A scrum master is a coordinator for a product development team that uses scrum which is a repetitive & incremental software development framework for managing product development. A scrum master is responsible for removing obstructions of a team to achieve the targets and deliver the products.

A Certified ScrumMaster helps teams to increase their project's overall success using Scrum. The Primary role of a scrum master is to facilitate productivity and to own the success of the team's process

A CSM understands the values, practices, and applications involved in a scrum and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond that of typical project managers. Scrum master cannot be held accountable for the deliverables as is a project manager, but he or she helps the rest of the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. CSMs also protect the team from both internal and external distractions.

When is Next Batch

Key Benefits

The Foundation Level is the entry level qualification which has numerous benefits for organization as well as professionals. Some of the major benefots are:

  • Increase Visibility
  • Learn Global Best Practices
  • Add value to your cv
  • Stay updated with the market

What I Will Learn

By earning a Certified ScrumMaster certification you can:

  • Expand your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices.
  • Demonstrate to employers and peers your attainment of core Scrum knowledge.
  • Learn the foundation of Scrum and the scope of the Certified ScrumMaster's role from the best minds in Scrum.
  • Engage with a community of recognized Scrum experts who are committed to continuous improvement.

Is It Right For Me

CSM certification is ideal for:

  • Team Members or Team Leads
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Architects
  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners

How Much It Cost

Standard cost for CSM Training & Certification course is Rs 28,000 per participant.

We keep on giving exciting discounts to our participants. Check the current discounted price by calling us. You can also drop an enquiry and one of our executive will get back to you asap.

How Do I Register

You can register yourself by paying only Rs 1,000 as confirmation payment. Please make the payment from this link: Register Now

Pre Requisites

There is no defined pre-requisite to go for this certification. Experience of 2-3 years covering all phases of SDLC is recommended.

Job Prospects

A lot depends on your professional background, experience, the speed at which you understand. and also you can checkout our differnt CSM Certification that is CERTIFIED SCRUM DEVELOPER(CSD) and CERTIFIED SCRUM PRODUCT OWNER(CSPO)

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