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The 10 Most Popular Project Manager Interview Questions For 2021



Last updated 10/06/2021

The 10 Most Popular Project Manager Interview Questions For 2021

Who Is a Project Manager?

Before organizations can design, execute, and effectively complete a task, they should employ a project manager to oversee it. A Project Manager is a tough job role. You need a wide area of aptitudes, from the information on systems to the authority of correspondence to go after that job. 

It's elusive for an individual who is both alright with cycle and skilled at propelling groups to put forth a valiant effort. In any case, there are people who have the expansiveness of information and experience important to effectively lead ventures. They're specialists in numerous things yet not haughtily thus, in that they know the intensity of coordinated effort and can assign work to concentrate is required most.

Hence, when companies hire a project manager, they make sure that they can handle all of it: the technical and the tactical part. The interview questions are curated like that as well. Wanna know how they look exactly?

Have a look at these 10 most commonly asked Project Management interview questions: 

1. How do you define an ideal project? 

This inquiry, being one of the main project management interview questions, expects to know the sort of projects you might want to take up. By addressing this question truly, you open up an occasion to oversee projects that energize you or those in which you can dominate. Your answer ought to incorporate various focuses, for example, regardless of whether you like to function as a component of a group or alone, the sort of cutoff times you like, whether you are keen on imaginative and inventive tasks or not, and that's just the beginning.

2. Work from home has become the new normal in the post-COVID-19-world. How well are you prepared to manage a remote team?  

In the current world, project managers regularly pick their groups from a worldwide workforce and are relied upon to oversee groups distantly. You should be furnished with the information and abilities to work with teammates for all intents and purposes. It requires an alternate administration procedure. Your response to this project management interview question ought to unmistakably depict the project management philosophy you may decide to oversee individuals and assets in a distant climate.

3. What is your strategy for prioritizing the tasks?

Despite its size and extension, prioritization is a basic idea that decides the accomplishment of the task and its convenient fulfillment. In the event that your questioner poses inquiries on prioritization, your answer ought to incorporate how you recognize desperation and significance. You can say how you figure out what is pivotal and abandon what is pointless. This project management interview question is additionally to test how adaptable and versatile you are while dealing with an undertaking. Your answer ought to portray that you realize when to state no during the task.

4. What is the most desired skill that is required to become a successful project manager, according to your experience? Please give us a couple of examples regarding your past projects. 

In the event that you are knowledgeable about project management, you may likely realize that there is no single expertise that is sufficient for an effective vocation in the field. To be an effective undertaking supervisor, you ought to have various ranges of abilities like initiative aptitudes, relational abilities, arrangement abilities, and time the board abilities, to give some examples. To address this inquiry expeditiously, you should have the option to legitimize why you have picked specific expertise. You can incorporate several guides to validate your answer.

5. Tell us about the most challenging projects you have managed so far? What were the steps you have taken to tackle the challenges?

Here, the interview panel needs to know how you react to basic difficulties and manage clashing circumstances in a venture. You should didn't allude to models where you needed to oversee intense colleagues or absence of help from the board. As a task director, you should be shrewd enough to deal with such events. All things considered, center around outer components like a circumstance where the undertaking was startlingly canceled, or financing was diminished in a management task. Additionally, you ought to clarify how you handled the difficulties and dealt with the group during the predicament.

6. Suppose the project has gone off the rails. What steps would you take to get it back on track?

When you understand a task isn't going according to the pre-arranged time, spending plan, extension, or objectives, the following main concern is to get it in the groove again. The project manager should be productive enough to find a way to determine the inconsistency between real advancement and arranged advancement. Your response to this project management interview question may incorporate re-changing asset management, finding the genuine reason for off-following, investing additional exertion, and then some.

7. Which was one of the biggest mistakes you have committed in your past projects? How has it impacted your approach to work? 

To fail is human, they say. It is the means by which you manage the mistakes that characterize your abilities. By asking this project management question, the questioner means to check your genuineness and whether you assume the liability for missteps you have made in your past ventures. Instead of giving a 'no' for the appropriate response, you can make reference to a few mix-ups. Ensure you show that you accept duty regarding the error as it is an approach to uncover your development level. Likewise, you can clarify how you had settled it.

8. Can you tell us an example of a failed project? Have you had any such experiences? 

Achievement and disappointment are important for your profession as a project manager. It isn't insightful to answer 'no' to this inquiry too. All things being equal, you can think about an occasion or stage in your past ventures where you have encountered disappointment. This project management interview question expects to check your involvement with overseeing hazards as well. You have to incorporate how you have dealt with the issue.

9. Suppose the customer is not happy about the quality of the project outcomes. How do you handle the situation? What is your way of handling an unhappy stakeholder?

As a project manager, you will be responsible when the clients are despondent about the undertaking results. While you answer this project management interview question, you should have the option to uncover the amount you esteem the clients and that you would acknowledge their power without being basic. You can say that you will attempt to make the fundamental adjustments that the client is searching for. You can clarify the means you have taken to guarantee normal association with the client all through the undertaking. Additionally, you can say that you will impart viably to cause the client to comprehend that the results are inside the extent of the venture.

10. What is your strategy to deal with internal conflicts among the team members? 

Here, the interviewer is attempting to comprehend your intervention aptitudes and how unbiased you are while settling clashes. You can clarify why there is a need to tune in to both the gatherings and comprehend the two viewpoints. Your answer ought to incorporate how you persuade both the gatherings to arrive at a resolution that turns out best for the current undertaking and conveys a mutually advantageous arrangement. Likewise, it might be ideal in the event that you impart how you guarantee that the two of them are not profiting at the deficiency of the other.


So, we guess your project management interview question ideas are as clear as crystal now. Got any more project management related queries? Join our PMP training sessions, and get all your doubts clear!

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