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All About The SRE Model and Its Business Implications



Last updated 22/07/2021

All About The SRE Model and Its Business Implications

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an order made by Google Engineers that replaces the customary way to deal with tasks with something nimbler. It applies designing ability to activities and framework issues, which takes into account dependability at scale, snappier organizations, and an all-around characterized framework condition. Here's a review of the SRE model and contemplations for fusing it into your improvement procedure.


SRE Principles

The principle target of SRE groups is to grow exceptionally solid and versatile programming applications or frameworks. They are responsible for the accessibility, execution, adequacy, crisis reaction, and observing of their product. Google Site Reliability Engineers built up the accompanying standards to help SRE groups satisfy their main goal:

  1. Embrace risk
  2. Utilize Service Level Objectives
  3. Eliminate toil
  4. Monitor distributed systems
  5. Leverage automation and embrace simplicity.


How It Works

Since its beginning, one of SRE's primary objectives is to utilize automation to make self-mending frameworks. All around robotized frameworks recoil the hole between the improvement group (those structure things) and the tasks group (those facilitating and looking after stages). 

Another key fundamental of the SRE approach is that site reliability engineers compose code themselves. It's a significant change from the conventional tasks approach yet is vital to making SRE work. At Google, they depend on measurements to guarantee site unwavering quality designers are investing enough energy composing code to refresh and keep up their robotized frameworks. For instance, a site unwavering quality designer ought to spend close to half of their time on customary activities undertakings, for example, working tickets. 

SRE's that compose code to make and keep up the stages that their product runs on will in general follow more DevOps best practices. They run code through CI/CD pipelines, execute tests against the changes, and get peer audits on everything.

Benefits of SRE

Joining parts of software engineering into the tasks and foundation capacities has various advantages, the most eminent being increasingly steady uptime and administration versatility. Different advantages SRE offers incorporate:

  1. Filling the gap between developers and infrastructure
  2. Continuously monitoring and analyzing application performance
  3. Planning and maintaining operational runbooks
  4. Contributing to the overall product roadmap
  5. Managing on-call and emergency support
  6. Ensuring software has useful logging and diagnostics.

Is SRE a Good Fit For You?

There are two essential things to think about when evaluating if SRE is right for your organization.

  1. The platforms that you host and manage: Do you run a large system where you are maintaining your own internal platforms, or are you heavily leveraged to use PaaS and SaaS? If you don’t have a large internal footprint, it may not be the best choice for you.
  2. The skillsets of the people who would fill these roles: There will be additional training needed, whether it’s developers learning more about the infrastructure side of the house, or traditional system admins adding development to their roles for the first time.

While there is certainly more to consider, these are a few of the main things to look at when evaluating if SRE would be a good fit for your business. Reach out to join our SRE training sessions if you feel the need of knowing more about SRE. 

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