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Process Library: The Solution Of Business Efficiency Problems

Arul Nair

Arul Nair

Last updated 21/07/2021

Process Library: The Solution Of Business Efficiency Problems

On the off chance that your association is having business productivity issues or you simply need to improve what you as of now have, you have to consider getting a cycle library. Having a process library guarantees that workers are playing out a similar cycle utilizing similar process strategies. An extraordinary misguided judgment in business today is that productivity issues are generally because of an absence of worker commitment yet on the off chance that you don't have a standard method of working, a similar errand will be performed 10 distinct ways by 10 unique individuals. 

In this article, we investigate what a cycle library is, the means by which a processed library can store records, assist you with normalizing your method of working, and significantly upgrade your business effectiveness.

What is the Process Library?

A Process Library is a Business Management System. Anyway, it is for something beyond a spot to store reports. Process Libraries contains process maps that depict:

  • The tasks to be performed - in the form of policies, guides, or process maps
  • The deliverables produced -  the outputs captured using templates provided
  • The process workflow - the inherent dependencies
  • How the work is to be performed - techniques used
  • The tools that will be used to perform the work
  • Employee roles and responsibilities
  • Metrics used for improving the process

Process libraries can be effortlessly looked at and report on the data that they hold in manners that help business productivity, for instance with RACI reports and reports on how much each process costs.

What Problems Can be Solved With a Process Library?

Numerous associations don't see the amount they need a document management framework - a process library. Of the much of the time posed inquiries we get most, the 15 most basic ones are:

  1. How can we get our employees engaged with our improvement initiatives?
  2. We need to work out how to comply with the HEFCE revised operating model of quality assessment.
  3. The department 

Every one of these issues would all be able to be fathomed by actualizing a process library - and ensuring that the process library is valuable, usable, and used to build business proficiency. 

To put it another way, consider your own association. What number of issues could be illuminated by making a solitary method of working for all business measures? What number of proficiency issues could be unraveled by making measures effectively available to the staff that need them all through the association? Process Libraries don't simply store records, they change a hierarchical culture.

How Can a Process Library Help an Organisation?

Implementing a process library helps organizations to:

  • Break down silos
  • Keep knowledge in the organization, not in the person - when key people leave their knowledge should stay in the organization
  • Grant access to specific employees to documents that impact their process areas
  • Support culture change and business efficiency
  • Create greater employee responsibility and ownership of processes as a result
  • Documenting processes within a library captures a current process as it is so you can identify improvement opportunities
  • Ensure your business management system is useful and used.
  • Make sure process changes are useful and deliver improvement

It is particularly critical to cook for the last two focuses since, in such a case that your process library doesn't look extraordinary and feel simple to utilize it won't get utilized.

Process Libaries > Cultural Change > Continual Improvement = Business Efficiency

Process Libraries

If you take a look at some of the organizations we have worked with, each one collaborated with our designers to produce a unique management system structured in such a way that it would be useful to their employees.

  • Skanska UK implemented Traister’s Way of Working to adopt a single interface for nine operating companies
  • New Charter wanted a design that had broad appeal and offered a simple, clean and quality feel - as their library is their sole reference for their way of working
  • Equifax UK implemented their Process Library HUB so that staff could find key information in as few clicks as possible 
  • Lockheed Martin's QMS design on their Touchstone process library separates core processes from supporting functions with a library resources section on the right of the page.
  • The University of Winchester used their student center building as the main focal point for their library and the functionality is designed around the question 'How do I?' as in 'how do I register for a new course?'
  • Interserve FM's process library, PRISM, serves as the gateway to four sub-libraries, developed by each of Interserve's business units (Defence, Industrial Services, Civil Government and commercial)


Hope we made our point clear regarding the Process Library. We will come back with more topics like this soon. Till then, stay tuned, stay upskilled with our six sigma course

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