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Most people forget to follow the process

Vijay Tiwari

Vijay Tiwari

Last updated 23/07/2021

Most people forget to follow the process

Most of the manager has asked themselves the respected question; How would you make somebody to follow processes and not miss things? Having pretty much documented the process, and having placed them into your knowledge base tool, and having made private instructional courses to ensure everybody knows about the process, etc. Despite this attempt, still, the most essential things get missed. There is no glaring defect simultaneously, and it appears to be irregular, in some cases, it's done, some cases might be not, and when you ask as to why (accepting you or another person has the opportunity to monitor the process) there is consistently an excuse, everything from "I didn't have a clue" to "I missed!" 

The response to this is very basic, you are managing individuals, and individuals are in a generally variable in their behavior, they are not robots, and even the best individuals will commit mistakes now and then. Process are ordinarily planned dependent on logic and flow, and regularly without thinking about the human factor, since how would you represent the way that a specific step in your process may get missed due to an unexpected occasion in a co-workers life - and that is the place even the best most composed procedure can fail. 

Here are some considerations on the things you ought to consider to make your process work better. 

You can't depend on documenting your process 

Most of the people don't read documents, that's true. If you give somebody a  documented strategy, they will peruse it once and file it away. What you can make certain of, however, is nobody will have the process document close by while they follow the process every day. Presently this isn't to imply that you ought not to document your process, you completely should, and you ought to acknowledge that the improvement of your process record fills two essential needs. Initially, it is your plan record, its the physical document of your thoughts and your cycle plan, it's the premise whereupon you get authoritative purchase in, the thing you "close down" before your process goes into the activity. Also, it is the "reference" to your process and its plan, its the thing you fall back to when the methodology isn't working, and you have to change your process. Improving a process intends, changing the document, and re-preparing individuals - in a specific order. 

Rearrange your procedure portfolio 

We have all observed the situation where after some time an organization constructs a heap of cycles and techniques, where each process well in detachment, has just been endorsed and has a normal explanation behind existing. You should attempt to decrease and improve the things individuals are required to follow. If you have an extensive process portfolio, individuals will battle with the library of process archives, not to mention the systems themselves. Truly, measures work in an industrial setting, state fabricating where you are re-making a similar gadget again and again, however for the situation where you are managing information workers, at that point process that intends to make your workers into robots are fundamentally less compelling. 

Authorize Yourself to be Agile 

I have heard ordinarily individuals to being agile as an indifferent method of overseeing, or as an approach to abstain from following a process. The spirit of being Agile is permitting your workers to have an independent perspective, to split away from what can be prohibitive shackles of order and control, and to "trust" your people will make the best decision. It is a social thing since it requires your people to show generally various practices, and they should be permitted to carry on in that manner. However, if you are commonsense, being Agile can completely (and should) coincide in a process controlled condition. The splendid organization will realize how to mix the two, fundamentally, be Agile where it's conceivable, however, depend on a littler and more freed process portfolio where its important to meet authoritative efficiencies, administrative or consistency needs. 


The go-to answer for continuous process disappointment is computerization, yet even today individuals, specifically, the individuals who are entrusted with the plan and arrangement of process misjudge how Automation fits in. In its realm, there are endless appliances that are promoted to computerize everything, similar to programming organization or fixes or making client accounts or whatever, so it is anything but difficult to expect that robotization is about these kinds of things. Presently while the business can undoubtedly be applied here, it merits pausing for a minute to consider the three words "Business Process Automation" and what they mean. 

An incredible method to begin to consider this is to think about your cycles as concerning robotizing "human action just," as it were, take the robot players like the IT robotization instruments out of the condition and work just with human action. At that point you bring a novel thought into your reasoning "Human Task Orchestration," and this is the most remarkable weapon available to you with regards to guaranteeing your process is effectively followed. A valuable business measure device will separate between human task coordination and frameworks computerization. A very much planned process and the correct business instrument will make it feasible for individuals (entertainers) to partake in a given process - without the need to comprehend the greater cycle picture, they simply need to carry out the responsibilities delegated to them, and the process will deal with arranging who needs to do what, and when. 

In summary, individuals are continually going to commit errors, the activity is to perceive and acknowledge that, and plan your process to be open-minded toward that reality. Computerize the everyday work; when you have that repetitive occupation that needs to complete to keep the lights on, eliminate the reasoning required and give individuals a rundown (of isolated assignments) to work through, a great many people work significantly better with a basic rundown of jobs before them. Life will be significantly better for everybody on the off chance that you get your process methodology right.

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