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Key Features

  • Flexible Learning Options with Online and Classroom Training
  • DevOps Institutes and GSDC Accredited Trainers
  • Important IT Service Management Practices.
  • Global Recognition for IT Services.
  • Real World Application Via Case Studies
  • In-detailed Learning Materials

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SRE Foundation Course in France Overview

SRE Foundation Certification is the great credential to discover the practices of how to combine development and operations to deliver efficient, reliable and secure large-scale applications.

The Site Reliability Engineering Foundation Certification prepares you with the principles and practices for analyzing system reliability and performance in the Information Technology landscape. Our certification focused on the core concepts of SRE and its various operations. You will learn the necessary balance between developing new features and maintaining system stability.

Through our certification automation, monitoring, and collaborative culture, the SRE Foundation promotes a proactive approach to incident management and system operations. Our SRE Foundation Certification is for IT operations, developers, and anyone involved in technology and automation. This certification allows you to streamline workflows, minimize downtime, and enhance user satisfaction. Embrace your SRE mind-set that can transform your organization’s approach to reliability, paving the way for more resilient and efficient systems.

Learning Outcome

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Implement Site Reliability Techniques.
  • Understand Best Practices of SRE.
  • SRE tools and techniques.
  • Use of Tools and Techniques of SRE.
  • To Decrease Cost and Increase Reliability.
  • To Build and Architect Complex Application.

Program Deliverables

Deliverables of this program include:

  • Study Material.
  • Mock Exams.
  • 16+ hours of live training.
  • Exam registration assistance
  • Case studies soft copy
  • Official courseware from DOI

Training Calendar

Lifetime Access
  • 8-10 Hours of self-paced videos, assessments, recall quizzes, more
  • Course fee inclusive of exam fee
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Course Curriculum

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  • Welcome to the realm of the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) training program! If you're in search of enriching your skill set and expertise in this ever-evolving domain, you've arrived at the perfect destination.

    Our SRE training program offers an all-encompassing and meticulously structured curriculum engineered to furnish you with the requisite knowledge and hands-on proficiency to stand out in the contemporary landscape of technological operations.

    Whether you're an aspiring SRE professional, a veteran in the realm of IT, or a manager aiming to optimize your team's capabilities, our SRE course has been meticulously crafted to cater to your specific requirements.

    With an emphasis on experiential learning and practical scenarios drawn from real-world situations, our SRE training empowers you to proactively tackle challenges related to reliability, implement streamlined systems, and scale applications to cater to the exigencies of today's fast-paced digital milieu.

    The SRE foundation course lays a robust cornerstone for understanding the fundamental principles and optimal strategies of Site Reliability Engineering.

    From mastering incident response and adept service monitoring to cultivating effective communication and collaboration techniques, this certification program serves as the bedrock for your success in constructing steadfast, scalable, and resilient systems.

    Investing in SRE certification not only unveils doors to thrilling career prospects but also fortifies your potential to instigate meaningful transformations within your organization.

    Hence, there's no need to delay – take the plunge into the universe of Site Reliability Engineering and unlock your full capabilities with our extensive SRE training program. Together, let's forge a future brimming with dependable and robust digital services!

    • What is Site Reliability Engineering?
    • SRE &DevOps: What is the Difference?
    • SRE Principles & Practices
    • Service Level Objectives (SLO’s)
    • Error Budgets
    • Error Budget Policies
    • What is Toil?
    • Why is Toil Bad?
    • Doing Something About Toil
    • Service Level Indicators (SLI)
    • Monitoring
    • Observability
    • Automation Defined
    • Automation Focus
    • Hierarchy of Automation Types
    • Secure Automation
    • Automation Tools
    • Why Learn from Failure
    • Benefits of Anti-Fragility
    • Shifting the Organizational Balance
    • Why Organizations Embrace SRE
    • Patterns for SRE Adoption
    • Sustainable Incident Response
    • Blameless Post-Mortems
    • SRE & Scale
    • SRE & Other Frameworks
    • SRE Evolution

Course Details

  • Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) course curricula are primarily designed to equip participants with an in-depth comprehension of crucial topics, including:

    • The history of SRE and its emergence at Google
    • SRE's relationship with DevOps and other popular frameworks
    • The underlying principles behind SRE
    • User-focused Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
    • The modern monitoring landscape and service level indicators (SLIs)
    • Budgets and policies associated with error budgets
    • Productivity and toil in an organization
    • Eliminating toil can be achieved in a number of ways
    • Observability as something to and the importance of security
    • Anti-fragility, our approach to failure and failure indicate the health of a service
    • SRE tools, automation techniques 
    • testing
    • The organizational impact that starts to get prominent by introducing SRE

    Enrolling in our SRE course will empower you with a concrete understanding and enable you to navigate the complex landscape of modern tech operations with confidence and proficiency.

    Site Reliability Engineer’s job role comes with a lot of responsibility. Hence, you need to belong from one of these job fields to become eligible for Site Reliability Engineering Training:

    • Anyone starting or leading a move towards increased reliability
    • Anyone interested in modern IT leadership and organizational change approaches
    • Business Managers
    • Business Stakeholders
    • Change Agents
    • Consultants
    • DevOps Practitioners
    • IT Directors
    • IT Managers
    • IT Team Leaders
    • Product Owners
    • Scrum Masters
    • Software Engineers
    • Site Reliability Engineers
    • System Integrators
    • Tool Providers

    There are no as such pre-requisites for Site Reliability Engineering course but IT experience and working knowledge of DevOps is recommended

    The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation is strategically tailored for hands-on learning, incorporating essentials to ensure a robust understanding of the subject matter. The course material is thoughtfully organized into engaging 60-90 minute interactive sessions.

    Furthermore, active participants can anticipate immersing themselves in group activities that facilitate the application of theoretical knowledge. These activities provide a unique opportunity to translate theory into practical experience.

    This training experience deviates significantly from conventional norms. Our approach encompasses a diverse array of innovative methodologies, designed to stimulate your cognitive faculties and invigorate your enthusiasm for active participation.

    Here are some key features that define our distinctive training program:

    • Engaging training sessions delivered in a storytelling format, ensuring content retention and engagement.
    • Concepts illuminated through the use of expertly crafted professional examples, enhancing comprehension.
    • Encouragement of self-analysis and dynamic group discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
    • Integration of real-world case studies to exemplify the practical application of taught concepts.
    • Vibrant and captivating presentations, complemented by both individual and team-oriented activities.

    Through these enriched training techniques, our SRE Foundation course promises a comprehensive and immersive learning journey, aiding participants in grasping concepts and mastering the intricacies of Site Reliability Engineering.

    Participants of this course will have a deep understanding of:

    • The history of SRE and its emergence at Google
    • The inter-relationship of SRE with DevOps and other popular frameworks
    • The underlying principles behind SRE
    • Service Level Objectives (SLO’s) and their user focus
    • Service Level Indicators (SLI’s) and the modern monitoring landscape
    • Error budgets and the associated error budget policies
    • Toil and its effect on an organization’s productivity
    • Some practical steps that can help to eliminate toil
    • Observability as something to indicate the health of a service
    • SRE tools, automation techniques and the importance of security
    • Anti-fragility, our approach to failure and failure testing
    • The organizational impact that introducing SRE brings

    The Agile Service Manager training will be delivered by accredited trainers. The instructors for this course are highly experienced professionals with 11+ years of industry experience and have trained more than 2000 professionals.

    Their core expertise includes:

    Extensive IT and software experience, who enjoys sharing his or her knowledge and skills to help you improve your performance.

    Instructors Achievements: 

    • Managing large global projects and programs 
    • Setting up from scratch various practices for BI/DW
    • Project Portfolio Management
    • Training and consulting to large organizations across the world on Project Management, Portfolio Management, Agile, DevOps, IT Service Management, etc.
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SRE Foundation Exam Format


The SRE Foundation Certification is governed, administered and maintained by the DevOps Institute

  • Exam Format - Objective Type, Multiple Choice
  • Exam Duration - 60 minutes
  • No. of Questions - 40 (multiple-choice questions)
  • Passing Criteria - 65%
  • Certificate - Within 5 business days
  • Result - Immediately after the exam

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Of Course! How else will you go through the topics you heard about then? We provide hard and soft copies of the entire study material to you right after the training session!

SRE Foundation certification is valid for a lifetime. You don?t have to renew it again and again.

We provide practice tests for the SRE Foundation course as well as Q&A sessions and interactive group discussions.

The amount we take is for the training and certification both. You won?t have to pay twice for one course at NovelVista.

If you are stuck or in another city or not being able to make it to our classroom for any reason, you can attend our virtual training sessions from home and appear for DevOps Practitioner Certification Exam afterward.

Life of an SRE Foundation certified is quite exciting. Site Reliability Engineering is basically creating a bridge between Development and Operations departments. It is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software engineering applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goals are to create

In India, an SRE Foundation Certified gets Rs. 1267K per annum on average.

We keep arranging lucrative discounts for our previous participants. Drop a query regarding this and one of our executives will inform you regarding this right away!

The Certificate in Site Reliability Engineering Foundation (SRE Foundation) from NovelVista can significantly boost your career prospects in the field of SRE. This certification equips you with essential knowledge and skills related to SRE principles, practices, and tools. With this SRE certification, you'll be better prepared to work in roles that require expertise in ensuring the reliability, availability, and performance of complex software systems. Many organizations are actively seeking professionals who can bridge the gap between development and operations, making SRE skills highly valuable in the industry.

Yes, this SRE training can significantly enhance your job prospects in the Site Reliability Engineering Foundation field. As more companies adopt SRE practices to improve the reliability of their systems, the demand for skilled SRE professionals continues to grow. By completing the Site Reliability Engineering Foundation training from NovelVista, you'll demonstrate your understanding of SRE concepts, methodologies, and best practices. This makes you a strong candidate for various SRE-related roles in organizations of all sizes and industries.

You can take this SRE training even if you don't have prior experience in Site Reliability Engineering Foundation (SRE Foundation). The Site Reliability Engineering Foundation training from NovelVista is designed to cater to individuals at various levels of experience, including beginners. The course covers fundamental SRE concepts, terminology, and practices, making it suitable for those who are new to the field. The training will provide you with a solid foundation and the necessary skills to start a career in Site Reliability Engineering.

After completing the Site Reliability Engineering Foundation (SRE Foundation) training from NovelVista, you'll be well-prepared for a range of job roles in the field of Site Reliability Engineering. Some potential job titles include SRE Engineer, DevOps Engineer, System Reliability Engineer, Site Reliability Analyst, and Infrastructure Engineer. These roles typically involve responsibilities related to ensuring the availability, performance, and reliability of software systems and applications.

Yes, the Certificate from NovelVista is recognized by employers in the industry. NovelVista is a reputable training provider known for offering high-quality IT and professional development courses, including SRE certifications. This SRE certification demonstrates your commitment to learning and applying SRE principles effectively. Employers often value candidates who have gained knowledge and skills through recognized SRE training programs, increasing their credibility and employability in the competitive job market.

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