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DevOps Practitioner CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Practitioner Certification governed by (GSDC) is Read More

957 Learners

starts at   22100

Certified DevOps ArchitectDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

In the DevOps Architect Course, professionals will learn DevOps culture, Principles, tools, metrics and DevOps adoption, Read More

400 Learners

starts at   21250

DevOps Foundation By DOIDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

The DevOps Institute (DOI) and PEOPLECERT are organizing emerging DevOps practices into relevant training and certification Read More

1525 Learners

starts at   29750

Devops Certification TrainingDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

NovelVista provides Training and Certification for DevOps in India. DevOps Master Certification is provided by DevOps Institute Read More

368 Learners

starts at   22949

DevOps Master CertificationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Master Certification from Exin is a next level certification that teaches learners a combination of principles, Read More

300 Learners

starts at   27200

Certified DevOps DeveloperDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Developer Course designed by GSD Council will help professionals to learn practices and principles and Read More

200 Learners

starts at   21250

Certified Agile Service ManagerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Agile Service Manager certification is basically an introduction to agile service management. Read More

0 Learners

starts at   0

DevSecOps EngineeringDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevSecOps engineering certification course will provide the business value of DevOps. Read More

0 Learners

starts at   18000

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) FoundationDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Site reliability engineer certification course will help learners to understand and scale critical services. Read More

0 Learners

starts at   28000

DevOps Test Engineering (DTE)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Test Engineer course for those who want to learn continuously testing. Read More

800 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps Leader (DOL)Delivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Leader is a course for those who wants to learn how to make cultural changes in the software development processes. Read More

0 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps CDADelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps CDA is course for sharing best practices of DevOps deployment, pipelines, and toolchains Read More

0 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps Practitioner + Agile Scrum MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Practitioner and Agile Scrum Master combo certification and training designed by experts Read More

600 Learners

starts at   19000

Certified DevOps EngineerDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps Engineer is course to learn and understand DevOps tools in depth Read More

1200 Learners

starts at   0

Certified DevOps MasterDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified DevOps Master training is focused on delivering an in-depth knowledge of the DevOps framework from a practical implementation perspective Read More

358 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps Leadership By PeopleCertDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PeopleCert DevOps Leadership training is aimed towards people who are managing a DevOps team or aspiring to lead a cultural shift towards DevOps practices. Read More

149 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps Fundamentals By PeopleCertDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals training is aimed towards anyone who wishes to become an efficient member of a DevOps environment. Read More

132 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps + ASM + ASPODelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Read More

0 Learners

starts at   0

DevOps + ASPODelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Read More

0 Learners

starts at   0

Docker Certified AssociateDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Docker Certified Associate instructor-led training that shares in-depth knowledge on Docker technologies like Docker Hub, Docker Compose... Read More

186 Learners

starts at   -13455000

Certified Kubernetes AdministratorDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Certified Kubernetes administrator training assists you in enhancing your Kubernetes skills. Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration... Read More

189 Learners

starts at   31500

CI/CD with JenkinsDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins training and certification course shares an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of Jenkins and the process of... Read More

205 Learners

starts at   31500

Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer ExpertDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

Azure Certified DevOps Engineer course mainly focuses on hands-on experience with DevOps technologies and tools, along with... Read More

122 Learners

starts at   28500

DevOps + ASM + CASPO Combo CourseDelivery Option  LO  OL  CT  

DevOps is a culture, and Agile is a mindset. If you can make both of them work hand in hand in a corporate environment, you will achieve an extreme amount of business success. Read More

0 Learners

starts at   27200


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